Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Year End Post | A Timeline of Adventure

As I look back through the past 12 months, I realized that a lot had happened to me in this outgoing year, and when I say a lot, it really means A LOT! My 2012 is a mishmash of surreal, memorable, life changing, awe-inspiring, delicious, and death-defying experiences. I met new friends, acquired new stuff, and gained a little more priceless knowledge. This outgoing year is by far my most traveled year, oh yeah! 

In this post, you will see the timeline of my adventurous life in the year 2012.


Together with the awesome Pinoy Travel Bloggers, I reached the crater lake of the mountain that at one point in history, incurred death and destruction upon many Filipinos. 

4 Batang Lakwatsero TV Appearance, Tarak Ridge
12 Mt. Manalmon
18 Mt. Tagapo Solo Climb
26 Manabu Peak

For the first time, I braved a mountain with no one but myself. It was a life-changing experience, it leveled up the kind of adventure that I crave for.

3 Mt. Makiling Traverse
11 Mt. Makiling Traverse Again
17 Mt. Ugo
25 My College Graduation
26 Mt. Cristobal

Limatiks, the guardians of the mountain owned by Mariang Makiling. When I entered their realm for the first time last March, they welcomed me in number.

1 Mt. Batulao, Tagaytay City
3 Mt. Buntis, Maragondon Heritage Town, Malibiclibic Falls
14 Aliwan Fiesta
21 Calaguas Island
23 Bagasbas Beach Surfing, Malatap Falls

At last, I finished college. And as a reward, I, with some college friends, visited this almost pristine island famous for it's long stretch of fine white sand beach.  

 5 Azalea Residences Baguio City
13 Mt. Arayat Traverse
27 Mt. Pulag
31 Marikina Shoe Museum

It was pure happiness I felt when I reached Luzon's highest. Need I say more?

1 Mt. Marami
12 Mt. Makiling Traverse Again
23 Subic Bay
29 The Great 0km Accident

So what happened that night at the campsite of Mt. Marami?
I guess it's our experience on this mountain that made this climb really special.  

7 Tarak Ridge
15 Mt. Damas Traverse
19 Banaue Rice Terraces
20 Batad Rice Terraces
21 Hungduan Rice Terraces
22 Kiangan Rice Terraces

The Ifugaos, their heritage and rich culture, just made me proud as a Filipino even more. I was in great awe as I laid my eyes upon their monumental work on the mountains.  

1 First day at my first job
5 Mt. Arayat Traverse Again
19 Mt. Makiling Traverse Again
20 Tagaytay City
21 Pico de Loro

I'm on a quest, a quest to explore the entire archipelago to search for the old Spanish Lighthouses that still exist today. Right now, I have visited four lighthouses, among which is this lighthouse in Malabrigo that I visited last August after a solo climb at Mt. Banoi.    

30 Mt. Romelo, Buruwusan Falls, Batya-Batya Falls

It was 2 out of 4. We reached Buruwisan and Batya-Batya Falls, two of the four famous waterfalls of Siniloan, Laguna.   


They say it is scary, I say it is beautiful. This old neglected building in Baguio City, known for many ghostly encounters, was one of our destinations when I visited the City of Pines with some blogger friends.  

30 Mt. Ampacao

One of the most beautiful sunrise I ever witnessed. It's indeed a sweet revenge climb for me. 

 1 Sagada Adventure
8 Mt. Kalisungan, Mt. Mabilog
15 Pampanga Food and Heritage Tour, Giant Lantern Festival
 16 Mt. Maculot Traverse
22 Pico de Loro
29 Mt. Purgatory

Out of the blue, I just felt that I want to return to Sagada... and so I did


2012 Fun Facts

Total Money Spent on Traveling: P40,600.00 (rough estimate)
Total Time Spent on Traveling: 1 Month, 23 days, and 2 hours (rough estimate)
Farthest North: Sagada, Mountain Province
Farthest South: Daet, Camarines Norte
Number of Provinces: 15 
Number of Island Beaches: 2
Number of Hikes: 40 (30 unique mountains)
Number of Waterfalls: 8
Number of Lighthouses: 2
Number of Cave Adventures: 2
Number of Fiesta: 3
 Number of Flights: 0
Number of Solo Trips: 2

This is my entry to this month's PTB Blog carnival hosted by Gay of Pinay Travel Junkie
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  1. Whoa! 31 mountains for the year! Congratulations!

  2. when i was still a "bagets", di ko keri magtravel ng ganito. grabe ka!!!! young wild and free!

  3. wow wow wow wow wow! walang buwan na walang lakwatsa! walang pahinga ba itey? hahahahaha...

  4. Hahaha kaya pala mas pumayat ka! Hehe cheers Ivan! Happy holidays!

  5. wala atang makakalagpas sa ginawa mo ngayong taon. now one of my favorite tambay blog for adventure treks! cheers to your mindanao 1-2-3 trek! lapit na.

  6. 31 mountains - wow! Congratulations! And Buruwisan Falls look amazing. Would you have a more detailed blog post about that? =)

    Cheers to a more amazing 2013!

  7. Hey Ivan. Galing ng fun facts section! I really admire your passion for traveling, especially all the mountain climbing and hiking adventures. The photos esp. of Mt. Pulag and falls shot are great! Congrats on your awesome year. Ain't no mountain high enough!

  8. grabe 31 mountains in one year!!! ikaw lang ang kilala kong taong nakagawa nyan. super saludo ako sayo.

    will be looking forward to your Mindanao 1-2-3 stories. 14 days na lang! Good luck!

  9. whoah. what can I say?! grabe lang. :D

    Cheers to more travels and mountains this 2013! See you soon! :D

  10. Just watching your FB feed for a year was a precursor to this post. Kaloka lang. You are definitely, by FAR, the most akyat-ed person I know for this year. Akyat lang ng akyat! :D

  11. wow! sobrang daming bundok! looking forward to more adventures this 2013! ganda ng shot mo sa batya batya falls, nainlove ako i wanna go there too! And the Mt. Tapulao sunrise, speechless! happy 2013 ivan! naluluma na yung sumbrero ko na katulad ng sayo di ko pa nabibigay lols.. :)

  12. Wow! how I wish I could also do that!
    haha, I just don't have the money to go around traveling and doing those things. But I really really would love to.
    Have you been here in the mountains here in Bataan? They're not like those high peaked mountains that you've been to, but they're also beautiful. Maybe you've heard of the Mt. Tarak here? It's one of the most visited here in Bataan. Oh, and don't worry about the accommodation, you can stay here in Fav Hotel, a great place to stay for travelers like you. You can check them out anytime and make a reservation in case you'll drop in. The websites here:

  13. congrats grabe super lakwatsero mo pala gusto ko ang mga ganyan ehehehe. Hope may maakyat ako kahit isang bundok lang dream ko talaga yan eh ehehehe, i really admire you po. Keep traveling po this 2013.



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