Friday, February 3, 2012

The Unexpected Duty and TV Appearance

Last February 1, 2012 has been a very busy day for me - I became an Intramuros Tour Guide in the morning then a Wannabe Celebrity at night.

Tour Guide at Your Service

I've done this duty of being an Intramuros tour guide quite a few times already, thrice to be exact, but last wednesday (my fourth) was a different one. A friend and co-blogger, James Betia of, asked me to guide him and his friends inside the walled city (it again tested the history-geek in me). I admit, I'm a Carlos Celdran slash Ivan Man Dy wannabe, guiding foreigners/tourists around Intramuros is a job that I think I would love. It's just that I'm too shy to step up to this tour guide level, I'm just a simple guy with a big heart for history and culture. 
James toured Intramuros as part of his ISANGDAAN Journey, a backpacking challenge around the Philippines the cheapest way possible for 100 days, which commenced last Wednesday. I'm flattered and honored to be part of his journey.

After guiding James and friends around the walls, I realized that somehow I can be an effective Intramuros Tour Guide - good for me I guess. I'm glad he learned 10 new things about Intramuros. So now, Batang Lakwatsero is opening his door for more Intramuros Tours. Cheers! Just contact me if you want a guide ok. 

James and friends for 1/100 of  ISANGDAAN Journey

Feeling Celebrity on TV

I was really surprised when this GMA researcher messaged me, asking if they could have me for an interview, haha. I don't know what to say, so I quickly consulted my mom and blogger friends if I would accept their invite.I'm a person with introverted personality, and going for an interview (lalo na sa harap ng camera or kahit na anong recording device) really freaks me out. Nadala lang ako sa pilit kaya napa-oo ako dito sa isang ito.

It was an interview for a docu-film in GMA News TV, Frontrow. I'm a Kapamilya since birth so I really have no idea about this documentary show. The topic is all about Manila Bay, it just happened that I published a poem about the beauty of Manila Bay Sunset, which I wrote a year ago.

I won't tell any further details, just watch Frontrow Manila Bay Episode on GMA News TV on Saturday (Feb 4), 8:40 PM, with replay on Sunday, 2:05 PM.

Lemme just share to you some BTS photos of the stressful shooting that happened on Manila Bay and Isla Puting Bato.   

shooting at Manila Bay - then we had a cruise dinner
this poem is the culprit. dahil dito nagkaroon ako ng TV appearance.
the Frontrow team.
shooting at Isla Puting Bato
to those who do not know, this is a lapel mic which I used during the nakakakabang interview


  1. wahhhh!!!!! So proud is your kuya ian!!! waaahhhhh !

  2. Hanep. You really got the knowledge and passion to be a Manila history/tour guide. COngrats on the TV appearance, who knows ikaw na maging png tapat ng Kapuso network kay Kuya Kim.

  3. naks ivan , tuloy tuloy na yan . =) haha natawa ako sa comment ni marky, sabagay you will never know. Tapatan mo yung show nya na matang lawin hahahaha

  4. Huwow, very nice! Way to go, Ivan. ;p

  5. nice! kapamilya ako eh kaya di ko alam ang show na to. pero dahil sinabi mo na din, sige aabangan ko ang episode mo :D

  6. pwede cguro "Batang Lawin" 'coz you're soaring high... :) Congrats Ivan! :)

  7. read james' blog on the 10 things he learned about intramuros. been frequenting intramuros myself but i didn't know about a lot pala. hehehe! looking forward to your TV appearance :)

  8. Oh my gawwwwd. Buti nga nabasa ko siya today (`cos di ako makapag-log in sa acct ko ilang days na). Yay, manonood ako mamaya. Hahaha.

    Pero life is unfair! Ako yung gustong maging artista pero ikaw ang may TV guesting. *cries*


  9. papanoorin ko to. inaabangan ko na.

  10. Ibang level na, Ivan! Congrats!

  11. congratulations. way to go ivan :)

  12. Nagsawa ako ng todo jan sa Intramuros dahil jan ako nagcollege... i remember my emo moments sa walls... at ang freaky chinoy museum somewhere. Napanood ko ang Isla Puting Bato episode... ayus! yung poem mo pala ang nagdala ng una mong TV appearnce...

  13. mahusay! apir!

    sana pala sumama ako dun sa intramuros tour mo hehe

  14. GALENG!!! *slow clap 3x*

    naks naman! ibang level na toh Ivan, congrats! sana pala nakapagpa-autograph na ko nung birthday mo kasi baka bigla kang maging celebrity eh pwede kong ibenta yung signature mo sa mahal na halaga. hahaha

  15. ikaw na talaga bata... ikaw na! cheers! :)

  16. You are so humble, Ivan. I am now envious of you more than ever... Hehe ...



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