Sunday, February 19, 2012

Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012 - UK and Spain

Oh yes, here comes again the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. It actually started last week (Feb 11), but due to some school related stuff, I was not able to watch it. It was South Korea and Malta which made the dark night blasting with colors.

It was just so great that I made it last night, after climbing Mt. Tagapo in Isla Talim, battling the rush hour traffic and jogging the length of EDSA from Pasay Rotonda to MOA, I made it to the second week of the competition. This time it was UK and Spain that made the fire dance with the music.
I was with some blogger friends, we're all privileged with Media Passes so were able to station at the VIP area. I was filled with amazement while enjoying the multicolored lights blasting with the beat of music. Awesome performances, job well done UK and Spain. I can't wait to witness the other competing nations.     

Here are some photos of last night's competition:

Fireworks by UK

Fireworks by Spain


If you wish to watch next saturday's event (still at the SM By the Bay), reserve for your tickets now at Ticket Net (9115555), Ticket world (8919999) or SM Tickets (4702222). Of course you may also check out for more details.

Ticket Prices:

Silver - P100
Gold - P300
VIP - P500
VIP (with Dinner) - P1500

Schedule and Participating Countries:

Feb 11, 2012 - South Korea and Malta
Feb 18, 2012 - United Kingdom and Spain
Feb 25, 2012 - Finland and Portugal
Mar 03, 2012 - China and The Netherlands
Mar 10, 2012 - Australia and Canada
Mar 17, 2012 - Italy and Philippines

Photographers ans hobbyists are also encouraged to join the Pyromusical Photo Contest.

click here to enlarge
If you're able to watch the competition, you may vote for your favorite participant and get a chance to win awesome prizes.

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  1. I wish Cebu can host such event as such is very entertaining!

  2. nice shots! i was actually there last night :)

    1. thanks Bino, sayang dapat may meet up ang mga bloggers :P

  3. hi ivan!
    merong free dinner at GC? hehe

    sa feb25 magpunta ako! =)

  4. kita kits ulit next week! bilis magpost :)

  5. im not surprised with ivan hahahahha

  6. hahaha napressure ako mag post din agad. kitakits ulit sa sat :)

  7. Uy nice shots Ivan! :D
    Mas nagustuhan ko talaga yung sa Spain compared sa UK. Mas maayos pagkaka-orchestrate nila eh.

  8. sayang di tayo nagkita andiyan din kami...

  9. grabe ang mahal naman ng tickets! love the pix sana makapunta ako

  10. i missed the second saturday, i was there on the opening night. the VIP section is the best location to shoot, gold section ako last time, pangmahirap lang hehehe.



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