Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ilocos Norte | Pagudpud All Day

The Original Plan. I was hoping that on my 22nd birthday, I will be celebrating it in the province of Batanes, together with the cows, and the hills, and the rock houses, and the Ivatans with their vacul. It's a dream destination so I see no reason  not to be so excited. At first, everything just went smoothly—I already got a round trip ticket, an approved full week vacation leave, a well tailored itinerary, and a bunch travel buddies. Naghihintay na lang kami ng travel date namin. But two weeks prior to our trip, I received an email from the airline company saying that our flight is cancelled. F*ck.

The Plan B. Still recuperating from the cancelled Batanes trip, I turned my eyes to Mt. Guiting Guiting (G2) in Romblon. I told myself, G2 would be the perfect substitute. So I fixed everything. At first, everything went smoothly—I had contacted guides and porter in Romblon, supplies were bought already, and our little team is all geared up and ready. Naghihintay na lang kami ng travel date namin. However again, on the week of our hike, a typhoon entered the vicinity. Consequently, all ferry trips got cancelled. F*ck.

Plan C. On the 19th of January 2014, as I mourn for the doomed travel plans, my girlfriend suggested an Ilocos backpacking trip instead, just for the two of us. Although it's unplanned, it felt like I was destined to travel to Ilocos with Dawn on my birthday, so I readily agreed. Tatanggi pa ba ako? That very night, we left Manila to begin our spontaneous 4-day journey in the Ilocandia. Woohoo, para sa b-day trip ko 'to!


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