Sunday, September 23, 2018

Hiking Goals | Achieving "Pilipinas 1-2-3"

The year was 2013. I was only 21... young, spirited, full of passion and carefree. I had a decent job, but earning too little, maybe just enough to fund the daily needs of a corporate slave. But who would have thought? That the young, spirited, passionate and carefree me would be able to complete the so called "Pilipinas 1-2-3".


For those who are not familiar, "Pilipinas 1-2-3" is the term coined by the Philippine mountaineering community to collectively name the three mountains, highest in each island group in the Philippines. We have Mt. Pulag (2,922 meters above sea level) for Luzon, Mt. Kanlaon (2,435 meters above sea level) for Visayas, and of course, Mt. Apo (2,956 meters above sea level) for Mindanao.

Given the beauty and prestige in hiking the three mountains, it is very likely for many, especially the budding hikers or mountaineers who look forward to explore all the mountains of the Philippines one day, to really aspire for the summit of Pilipinas 1-2-3. 

So how did I achieve it? I was only 21, earning too little, passion at energy lang 'ata ang puhunan ko.

location of Pilipinas 1-2-3 on the map of the Philippines. 


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