Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mt. Napulauan | The Mountain of Moss and Limatik

On the day that followed our Benguet-Ifugao border crossing (read in this link), our kickass team that includes the likes of Dr. Gideon Lasco and the great Koi Grey hiked up a kickass mountain. Gosh, I still can't believe I hiked with these great people, woohoo! And guess what, with these awesome people, we've accomplished a traverse of Mt. Napulauan in just a single day, instead of the usual 2-day itinerary. Bragging aside,  Mt. Napulauan is indeed a kickass mountain,with its dense forest trail, where 80% is moss-covered and has a mystical atmosphere, I probably won't think twice for a second go. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tawangan-Tinoc-Hungduan | Trekking Benguet-Ifugao Connection

For the wrap up adventure of 2013, I joined PinoyMountaineer's team in an attempt to complete the Grand Cordillera Trail (GCT), a long and continuous hiking destination comprising a series of foot trails, mountains and villages found at the very spine of the great Cordillera mountain range. Pinoy Mountaineer has already done a couple of segments for this GCT expedition, first is the Ugo-Pulag connection followed by a traverse of Mt. Pulag via Akiki-Tawangan trails. This time, on its third leg, Doc Gideon intends to connect the village of Tawangan in Kabayan, Benguet (where he previously ended his GCT expedition) to Hunduan, Ifugao using only the old, some forgotten, local foot trails. To put simply, the goal of the 3rd leg was to complete a Benguet-Ifugao connection just by foot, whew!

It was a great year-ender, which also served as my 2nd year anniversary hike (Batang Lakwatsero has been hiking for 2 years already, yey!).


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