Friday, August 31, 2012

Mt. Kalisungan | A Climb of Luck And Uncertainty

"Ok, the trail ends up here, where should we go next? Is there a trail there, no. Alright then, let's just hack our way to summit" 
Though just a minor hiking destination, never did I read an account about Mt. Kalisungan wherein the hikers successfully reached its summit without experiencing the notoriety of its trails (of course the ones who hired guides aren't included). And because of it, I've been itching to enlist it on my ever increasing summitted mountains. 

When an invite for a dayhike on this mountain came knocking at my door (just a day after my solo hike at Mt. Banoi), I said yes without any hesitation. I headed down south again to experience the mountain infamous for its numerous confusing split-trails.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Faro de Punta de Malabrigo

Faro de Punta de Malabrigo, or Malabrigo Lighthouse, is the light station strategically built at Malabrigo Point (southernmost tip pf Batangas Province) in Lobo, Batangas to guide the ships that passes through the very important Verde Island Passage, a busy maritime route located between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro.

Completed in 1896, this magnificent edifice designed by Guillermo Brockman, has survived the fury of time. In fact, Faro de Punta de Malabrigo is one of the very few Spanish era lighthouses that are still in good shape. Aside from the light which was replaced with a modern, solar powered one, everything from its 17m white cylindrical brick tower to its single-story keeper's house has remained intact and continuously serve the vessels in the sea up to this date.

Old photo of Faro de Punta de Malabrigo, date unknown
photo source.
The whole structure was brought back to its former glory in 2004. As part of Adopt-a-Lighthouse project of the Philippine Coast Guard with the help of Akiko Thomson, Malabrigo Lighthouse has been refurbished and restored almost to its original state. National Historical Commission of the Philippines saw its significance in maritime heritage, thus declaring it a National Historical Landmark in November 27, 2006.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mt. Banoi | My Second Solo Mountain Adventure

I turned my eyes towards Mt. Banoi after our planned climbs to Mt. Amuyao (plan A) and Mt. Malasimbo (plan B) got cancelled. And since no one seemed to be available on my preferred date of climb, I went there solo. I'm no longer afraid to go solo on a hike, I've done it once at Mt. Tagapo. In fact, I find it more thrilling whenever I travel solo (napaka-introvert lang diba). 


Sunday - August 26, 2012

Aboard a bus bound for Batangas Pier, I left Manila at 04:30 in the morning, quite not sure where exactly I'm alighting. I just told the bus conductor to drop me where I could ride a jeep to Lobo. He told me that there are jeeps at the Grand Terminal. So I agreed and paid P125.00 for the ticket.

At 6AM, the bus reached the Grand Terminal. I was welcomed right away by many barkers of jeepneys that ply different routes. Clueless of what jeepney I should take to go to Lobo, I asked them. They then directed me to a Balagtas-bound jeepney. I told the driver to drop me to the terminal of Lobo-bound jeeps, then I paid a fare of P13.00.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Solo Daytrip to Lobo, Batangas

Take a look at my Link Bar, the one that has links to my home, about page, and contact details. It also has the links to the two of my on going blog series: the Kabundukan and the Farola. If you've started following this blog early this year, you'll know how important it is for me to summit different local mountains for my Kabundukan Series and to visit old Spanish Lighthouses that still exist in the archipelago for my Farola Series.

Well last Sunday (August 26, 2012), I was able to visit (solo mode) a mountain and a lighthouse in a distant town of Lobo in Batangas. I was truly delighted when I reached the summit of Mt. Banoi and laid my eyes upon Faro de Punta de Malabrigo.

summit of Mt. Banoi
Reaching Lobo though, was not that easy. It involves riding a bus, then a jeep, then a tricycle, then another jeep (medyo strenuous ang commute). From Buendia-Taft in Manila, I took a Batangas Pier-bound bus then asked the conductor to drop me to Grand Terminal (P125.00). Then at the terminal, I hopped into a jeep that plies Batangas City - Balagtas route (P13.00), told the driver to drop me to Lobo terminal. Then finally, at Lobo Jeepney Terminal, I rode a jeep bound for Lobo (P53.00). I reached Lobo after about 3 hours of commute, whew

Malabrigo Lighthouse at Malabrigo Point
Lobo is a town in Batangas bounded by sea and mountains, thus trekking and beachineering activities bring in tourists. In my case, I was lured to visit this town because of two things, Mt. Banoi and Faro de Punta de Malabrigo. I won't put in this post the detailed story of my solo trip to Mt. Banoi and Malabrigo Lighthouse because I will be creating separate posts for each (abangan niyo na lamang).

How to go to Mt. Banoi

To reach Mt. Banoi, one must register first at the Police Station (no fee is needed), then ride a tricycle to Sitio Malabnig in Brgy. Balatbat. Tell the driver to drop you where the concrete road ends. I paid P120.00 for that ride but when I asked the locals, it should just be P50.00. Trek to Mt. Banoi starts there.

check the story here: Mt. Banoi | My Second Solo Mountain Adventure

How to go to Malabrigo Lighthouse

At the Poblacion, one must take a tricycle to reach this old Spanish Lighthouse. The terminal is located near the Police Station. Malabrigo Lighthouse is quite far from the main town so expect the fare to be quite pricey. One way fare costs P150.00.

follow the story here: Faro de Punta de Malabrigo

What I like the most in this town is its people, they're truly nice and welcoming (except for that tricycle driver that tricked me).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mt. Palay-Palay (Pico de Loro) | Climbing Up the Parrot's Beak

Reaching the Parrot's Beak, or for others the Monolith, the Torre, or the Rock Column, of Mt. Palay-Palay (Pico de Loro) in Ternate, Cavite has been part of my bucket list of must visit places even before I got struck by this hiking addiction. When I first saw its picture lurking on my facebook home, and my initial reaction was "how the hell did they get there?" 

My lust for adventure made me want reach its top, that's why when we climbed Mt. Palay-Palay last 21st of August (woohoo to my 18th mountain), I did not let the opportunity of climbing up the monolith pass. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Viaje Camarines Norte | Malatap Falls

Day 3 - April 23, 2012

Malatap Falls in the town of Labo was the last in our itinerary.

Getting there was piece of cake. After lunch, we went there by jeep (topload style) from the terminal in Daet, nakalimutan ko na kung magkano pamasahe, and the travel time was about an hour. The drop-off point is located at the end of the first metal bridge that comes after the Bagong Silang Junction, then from there, one will need to walk (for just a few minutes) along the path to its right and there's Malatap Falls.

Malatap Falls

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mt. Makiling | A Bloody Hike

Will just share my Maktrav experience last 19th of August with some mountaineers who were about to climb Mt. Apo (via Kapatagan-Kidapawan) this coming long weekend.  We took the same trail (Palanggana Trail, San Bartolome jump-off) as my previous maktravs (pang-apat ko na aktuwali), but unlike before, it was a bloody hike. All of Mt. Makiling's defenses were up against us, the limatiks, the thorns, even mosquitoes.

Photo by sir Jet

Friday, August 17, 2012

Viaje Camarines Norte | First Rizal Monument

"Failure to visit it when in Daet would be a tragedy of monumental proportions"

Day 3 - April 23, 2012

Straight from the beach of Bagasbas (wala nang banlaw-banlaw), we went next to this very important landmark not just for the capital town of Daet but for the whole of Camarines Norte. We visited Daet's Rizal Monument, the very first monument to be erected in the whole archipelago in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal.

First Rizal Monument in Daet.
This was the response of the people of Camarines Norte, spearheaded by Lt. Colonels Antonio Sanz and Ildefonso Alegre, upon the decree of Gen. Emilo Aguinaldo which makes Decemeber 30 a National Holiday in commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal's heroism.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Viaje Ifugao | A Closer Look to 1000 Peso Bill

Day 1 - July 19, 2012

It was drizzling a bit, but we're all good to go (and very much excited). We're about to see the famous terraces of Banaue that are seen printed at the back of our old 1000 peso bill (now at 20 peso bill).

topload again going to the viewdecks of Banaue Rice Terraces

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Viaje Camarines Norte | Surfing at Bagasbas Beach

Still fresh from our weekend beach getaway at Isla Calaguas, we traveled again for over an hour to CamNor's capital municipality, Daet. This time, we're up for some beach surfing experience. Bagasbas beach surfing will be our next activity on the 3rd day of our Viaje Camarines Norte.

But for the mean time, pahinga muna kami for the rest of our day 2 sa Wiltan Hotel (a cheap hotel sa poblacion mismo).  

Day 3 - April 23, 2012

At 7am, we headed to CamNor's surfing hot spot, Bagasbas beach. It's just roughly 20 minutes tricycle ride from the poblacion. I am really excited, since it will be my first time to try out this fun water activity.

*all photos in this post, and for the rest of my entries for this CamNor series aren't mine (sigh, sira na ang camera ko). Thanks to my friend, Ropelson for letting me use his photos.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mt. Arayat (Traverse) | It's Sweeter the Second Time Around

When Batang Lakwatsero gotta climb, he gotta climb.

It has been raining all over the country in the past 2 weeks, and because of that, I already postponed 2 scheduled Sunday hikes: Mt. Kalisungan (should be Jul. 29) and Makiling Traverse (should be yesterday, Aug. 5). I was even planning to join a friend's hike in Cinco Picos (should be Aug. 4) but it was also cancelled because of the uncooperative weather. Arghh, nandun na lagi yung excitement ko pero laging nauudlot.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Viaje Ifugao | Into My 23rd Province

6 o'clock in the morning, I woke up not in the comfort of my bed but inside a bus bound for Lagawe, Ifugao (nagising ako kasi sobrang lamig sa bus). I was smiling the whole time, knowing that I'll be finally seeing the famous terraces of Ifugao, another dream destination to be slashed out of my bucket list. My big thanks to sir Melo of and of course to PHILTOA for giving me a chance to experience personally the rich and unique culture of our Ifugao brothers.

After a total of 8 hours butt-numbing road trip from Manila (ang haba lang), Sir Jun, our group's Ifugao (by blood) tour guide, announced that we just entered the town of Lamut (known as the "Gateway to the Ifugaos", Lamut is the first town to reach if you're coming from south). Lalo akong na-excite at nilalamig, we're getting closer and closer to our destination.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Viaje Camarines Norte | Solo Trek to Calaguas Hills

check out the previous post here.   

Day 2 - April 22, 2012

Our supposed group trek to the nearby hills of the island turned out to be another solo trek for me. Well that's not a problem at all, being a natural-born introvert, this could still be one great adventure.

My friends left me (or should I say, I left them) trekking alone on the rocky coast south of Mahabang Buhangin beach. My goal was to reach the grassy hill about a kilometer from our camp.

the grassy hill I want to reach


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