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Viaje Camarines Norte | First Rizal Monument

"Failure to visit it when in Daet would be a tragedy of monumental proportions"

Day 3 - April 23, 2012

Straight from the beach of Bagasbas (wala nang banlaw-banlaw), we went next to this very important landmark not just for the capital town of Daet but for the whole of Camarines Norte. We visited Daet's Rizal Monument, the very first monument to be erected in the whole archipelago in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal.

First Rizal Monument in Daet.
This was the response of the people of Camarines Norte, spearheaded by Lt. Colonels Antonio Sanz and Ildefonso Alegre, upon the decree of Gen. Emilo Aguinaldo which makes Decemeber 30 a National Holiday in commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal's heroism.
Its construction began on the 30th of December 1898, and was completed through the people's financial contribution on February the following year (about 14 years before the Rizal Monument in Luneta Park). Daet's Rizal monument, unlike most of Rizal monuments erected throughout the country, do not have an image of the national hero. It's just a stone pylon with inscriptions of his famous works such as Noli Mi Tangere, El Filbusterismo, Morga and Mi Ultimo Adios. Its masonic design was Sanz's work and right now, NHI has made it a National Monument.

It's located at the end of a bridge just near the Municipal Hall, easy to spot I must say. 
We spent only a few minutes taking picture at this monument, after that, we went next to our last destination of our Camarines Norte trip, a visit to a waterfalls.

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Viaje Camarines Norte Series, April 21-23, 2012

Viaje Camarines Norte | First Rizal Monument

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