Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mt. Maculot | Traversing Once Again

When we did the Grotto-Summit-Rockies traverse of Mt. Maculot December of 2012, it was against the rule. Traversing Mt. Maculot from the grotto side has been prohibited indefinitely by the barangay that has jurisdiction over that area. I asked them why, they said the ropes on the trail have become too frail (pero nung nakita ko, hndi naman tlga). It just so happened that it was our lucky day, the local officials allowed us to traverse after pleading for like 5 minutes.

Six months after my first Mac-Trav, I found myself doing the same thing again, hoping that our charm would work for the second time.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Great European Climbs

There’s nothing better than feeling the breeze on your face when you’re climbing up the side of a steep mountain or rock. Rock climbing is an extreme sport that, though tough, welcomes beginners as there are countless locations around the world suited to all levels and abilities. Here are five of the best hikes and climbs in Europe:

The King’s Trail, Lapland

This hiking trail is one of Sweden’s most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. At more than 400km-long, the trail contains so many different hikes that it would be impossible not to find a few suited to yourself. More commonly known as the home of Santa Claus, the alpine environment engulfs what Lapland trips are all about and in the winter you can even bring your cross-country skis for use along the trail.

Chamonix, France

Rock climbing in Chamonix gives you ample opportunity to test your skills. There are a number of well-known crags, including Barberine, Servoz, La Joux and Gaillands that all feature the beauty that is the Chamonix Valley. These crags offer a variety of challenges so pick the ones that suit your ability best or, for added assistance, climb with an instructor. For experienced climbers, and those after a particular challenge, there is the Mont Blanc climb. This 4,810m high mountain is the highest in the Alps and to summit it is a true challenge.

Costa Blanca, Spain

If you’re planning a rock climbing trip for the autumn or winter, consider the limestone rock climbs you can do in Costa Blanca. The weather during this time of year is comfortable, even sunny, but not too hot and you can find affordable flights here from many cities in the UK or Europe. The Calpe Area, in particular, is a beautiful, scenic climb up cliffs near the sea.

Western Swiss Alps, Switzerland

The Alps include countless climbs but the Western Swiss Alps in particular are a must-climb. This region includes limestone rock with both single and multiple-pitch routes and the high altitude can give you an added challenge. You can have your pick of climbs on the Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch mountains as they are all in this spectacular region of natural beauty.

Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany

This gorgeous national park, located in southeast Germany, includes a pristine natural lake, Königssee, with countless hiking trails surrounding it. You can hike high in the Bavarian Alps to look down on the serenity that is Königssee. The park has a change in altitude of more than 2,000 meters so you’re sure to see a variety of landscapes and wildlife as you hike up and down the trails.

Thus, there’s no need to travel far to experience some of the best hikes and climbs the world has to offer. These five destinations alone prove Europe’s the place to be for challenging, scenic and worthwhile climbs.

Image by lassi.kurkijarvi used under creative commons license

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Anniversary Post | Three Years of Adventures

Dahil ngayon ay ika-dalawampu ng Nobyembre (drum roll please...) anibersryo na naman ng aking blog. Tama, tatlong taon na ang aking blog, woohoo! Akalain mo yun, ang dating inakala kong pampalipas oras lang ay naging bahagi nang talaga ng buhay ko. At mukhang aarangkada pa siya ng mas matagal dahil sangkatutak pa ang lakwatsang hindi pa nagagawan ng lathala. Sipag nawa'y dalawin mo ako. Anyway...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mt. Batulao | Dark Sky Over the Greens

That was fast. The blue sky that brought smile to us in Mt. Talamitam (read my previous hike in Mt. Talamitam) just suddenly turned to grey. Kaasar! But that won't stop us from completing the day's mission—a twin day hike of Talamitam and Batulao.


Sunday - May 26, 2013

Straight from Mt. Talamitam, we traveled by jeep back to Evercrest (P13) for Mt. Batulao. There was no sign, at first, that the weather would turn against us so we just took things slow and steady. Kung baga e, petiks lang kami. We even had lunch first at a nearby carideria before breaking into the trails.

walkathon towards the jumpoff. Sobrang init, sinong mag-aakala na may parating na bugso ng ulan?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mt. Talamitam | Up the Teletubbyland

The idea of hiking up Mt. Talamitam was brought about by the fact that I haven't climbed it yet. That's true, Mt. Talamitam was among the few Tagalog peaks that my itchy feet haven't touched yet (until this hike). The time has finally come, maaakyat ko na ang Talamitam.


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