Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mt. Batulao | Dark Sky Over the Greens

That was fast. The blue sky that brought smile to us in Mt. Talamitam (read my previous hike in Mt. Talamitam) just suddenly turned to grey. Kaasar! But that won't stop us from completing the day's mission—a twin day hike of Talamitam and Batulao.


Sunday - May 26, 2013

Straight from Mt. Talamitam, we traveled by jeep back to Evercrest (P13) for Mt. Batulao. There was no sign, at first, that the weather would turn against us so we just took things slow and steady. Kung baga e, petiks lang kami. We even had lunch first at a nearby carideria before breaking into the trails.

walkathon towards the jumpoff. Sobrang init, sinong mag-aakala na may parating na bugso ng ulan?
As we near the foot of Mt. Batulao, I noticed the accumulation of dark clouds over the green Batulao. Saddening. I felt the imminent downpour of a heavy rain. I have previously done a hike in Batulao and it was a great experience being a clear day. I wanted my friend Darwin to have a similar experience at Batulao, since it was his first time, but apparently we won't be getting a favorable one.

Darkness looming over Batulao. The sky is falling.
Luckily, we made it to the kubo before it rained cats and dogs, and there we found shelter. It was too sudden. I don't want to get wet, baka dumami kasi ako, so we decided to stay until the rain wavered. The wind was chilling, and the rain was dripping through the roof. So I told my buddies that if the bad weather persisted and strengthened, aborting the hike would be the wisest decision.

Unexpected heavy rain! arrgghh!
Luckily again, the rain halted after about an hour. A sigh of relief. Tuloy ang akyat sa Batulao. It would be very challenging though since the rain left the trails slippery and muddy. My buddies took the lead since I was having a hard time trekking. I prepared for a rainy hike, but not for a muddy trail, my footwear weren't cooperating. 
My buddies took the lead as I struggled on the muddy trail. Mahirap talaga maglakad sa putikan when you're wearing just slippers.
Up the old trail, through the summit, then down via the new trail, that's what we did. Hiking in Batulao is actually not that physically demanding, the old trail has few steep portions but generally, it has easy gradual trails. But when it rains, there will be extra challenge.

at the registration site of the old trail (P20)
at the roped segment of the old trail
Amid the chilly breeze and slippery assaults, the bumpy peaks of Batulao have not failed to draw amazement in me. Unlike the photos of the charred mountain that circulated in the internet a few months past, it was wonderfully green. Then finally at 03:44 AM, after an hour and 30 mins of trek using the old trail, we arrived at the summit.

groupie shot at the highest peak of Batulao
the other peaks, green and hazy, of Batulao as seen from the summit.
We descended the summit via the easier new trail and somehow, I was so thankful of the weather we had that time. New trail is an open trail, therefore it would be very hot, energy draining, if the sun was out and smiling.

descending via the new trail
In no time, we reached the second registration site (P20), then from there, it drizzled again. Because of that, we continued descending the rest of the trail with haste, and by 04:45 PM we're already down the mountain. Dayhike of Mt. Batulao completed!


The completion of Batulao marks the success of our Nasugbu Twin Hike. Awesome experience. Thanks again to Dawn and Darwin for accompanying me.


  1. wow, ang ganda naman ng view pag nasa taas ka. nakaka motivate naman pumunta jan, ill include it sa bucketlist

  2. I really don't trust slippers even sandals when hiking up mountains, it can add pressures to our feet when rain pours especially on muddy and slippery trails.



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