Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Two-Thousanders of the Philippines

In the Philippines, there are at least 30 mountains with an altitude or prominence ranging at 2,000-2,999 meters above sea level. We call these mountains, the two-thousanders. These mountains are high enough to pierce through the cloud level, thus they exhibit, at a certain level, moist mossy environment; presence of endemic floral and faunal species; and most of the time, sea of clouds is seen from the summit.

The top highest mountains we have in the country are all two-thousanders, concentrations are in the Cordilleras, Mindoro Island, Panay Island, Negros Island, and of course, the mountain ranges in Mindanao. And more often than not, the highest mountain per region (16 Regions in total, NCR excluded) is a two-thousander.

(Edit: 3/13/15) I have so far summitted 60 mountains across the archipelago (all are listed in my Kabundukan Page) and among the list, 16 are two-thousanders, all of which are climb-worthy. However, I have 6 particular favorites among these high mountains.

(Edit: 6/1/15) Although it is really not a personal favorite, Mt. Halcon in Oriental Mindoro is another mountain that must be included in this list as well. It's my 61st mountain, and likely the last. See my input about this mountain in the "Other Noteworthy Two-thousanders" section of this article.

My top 6 favorite two-thousanders in the Philippines (so far). The mountains are with their respective elevations, sorted from highest to lowest.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2014 | Spain vs. UK

At least once every year, I make sure that Pyromuscal Show will brighten up my dark night sky. I've been doing this yearly tradition for 4 years straight now (started 2011), yet still, the fireworks show have not failed to amaze me, it's simply entertaining. The blasting colors in sync with music and beat, it made my day.

Thanks to SM Mall of Asia, venue of the annual display of colorful masterpieces, I was able to witness 2 of the 10 competing nations this year.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mt. Apo | Through the Boulders, the Highest Peak

"All the elements conspired against us, the howling wind was deafening, the violent rain was piercing, and the temperature was really immobilizing. Mt. Apo became so cruel during our assault, it's as if we're battling our way to get inside a bastion full of defenders, almost or totally impossible." - excerpt from my January 2013 Mt. Apo climb. Read the full story here.
Even though it was a priceless, one of a kind experience, that Mt. Apo climb of January 2013 was a little frustrating. Somehow, I did not feel the utmost happiness a mountaineer should feel when he set foot on the country's highest peak. There was a hole in our success—no clearing at the summit.

Hence, I immediately planned a redemption climb. A comeback climb that has only one goal—experience Mt. Apo anew and hopefully gentler than the last time.


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