Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bacolod City | The Taste of Authentic Chicken Inasal

In the Philippines, who's not familiar with Bacolod's very own style of chicken barbecue? With the unique flavor brought by the local marinade and, of course the grill, it easily captured the hearts of most Filipinos.

The swift mushroom-like expansion of Mang Inasal fast food chain in Metro Manila and in many parts of the county, however, makes this Ilonggo dish very common, so common that you can easily find it at every corner of the streets in Metro Manila or in every poblacion in every town in the provinces. And I take this negatively as it kills authenticity of the dish.

That's why when I set foot in Bacolod city (birthplace of the dish), one of my objectives was to taste the original Chicken Inasal.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mambukal Resort | A Post Climb Relaxation

Something that I really look forward to as soon as we finished our 3-day traverse hike on Mt. Kanlaon, is this relaxing resort right at the mountain's foot. Well, it's every hiker's (those who are doing Guintubdan-Wasay Traverse on Mt. Kanlaon) destiny to visit the place as it is, actually, the traverse's endpoint. So, kung nandun na rin lang, might as well just visit the place.


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