About the Blogger

Born and raised in the concretes of Manila, Ivan (21), aka Batang Lakwatsero, is a biologist who probably will die if he has not climbed a mountain in a month. Only the thrill of the mountain trails, the sounds of the kuligligs, the view from the summits can make him truly happy. But hiking aside, he will surely burn his time seeking old lighthouses, searching for historical landmarks, and learning more on the culture of different peoples in his country.

At 18, he began exploring the wonders of his country, from the historic walls of Intramuros to the places he only knew then from Sibika at Kultura books. Before he left college in 2012, the mountains changed him. He found love when he climbed Mt. Daguldol in Batangas. Since then, most of his time, energy and wealth were well spent on the trails.

All these were very well documented in his blog, Batang Lakwatsero, he put up in 2010. So far, he has been to 30 provinces, set foot on 45 summits, and visited 5 old Spanish-era lighthouses in the country. 


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