Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Other Side of Me | New BSP Series Complete

It is so nice to finally have this rare coin in my collection. Yey! A friend gave this to me, got it when he's playing bingo. My New BSP Series is now complete.

1-centavo coin
 *Still in search for 1-centavo coin of Pilipino Series and 1-centavo, 20-centavo, and 50-centavo coins of Commonwealth Series.

Here is the link to my collection.


Monday, March 28, 2011

A Walk Tour in Manila | Manila North Cemetery

"Lives of great men all remind us 
        we can make our lives sublime, 
And, departing, leave behind us 
         footprints on the sands of time"  

- Psalm of Life, H.W. Longfellow

I made a little photowalk at Manila North Cemetery yesterday. I came to search for the graves of the great men who once lived and made a contribution to our nation's history, culture and art. A kid with great love for history would definitely find this activity fun and exciting.

This old, populous cemetery is located north-east of Manila, at the Manila-Quezon-Caloocan border, with Chinese Cemetery (West) and La Loma Catholic Cemetery (North-West). It harbors the remains of our country's three past presidents, leaders, national artists, and heroes. Bodies of some rich and popular are also found here.

I used this list as my reference while I do the search in this large cemetery. The following photos are the only ones caught by my curious eyes.

the gate to the cemetery
flowers and candles for sale

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 @ MOA

Where was I last night?

After we ate at Zark's Burger House, my friends and I went to Mall of Asia. It's a little reunion with my high school friends, sulitin ang mga panahon ng muling pagsasamasama... nanood lang naman kami ng Sucker Puch.

So around 8:30 PM, during the Earth Hour, we were at National Bookstore. The lights (not all the lights) were turned off at this store. When I went out, I saw the Globe fronting the mall was also turned off. Wow, MOA's facade lights were turned off too. That's great. Not all the stores inside participated though.

SM, somehow, did save the Earth. Great job.

Food Trip | Heavy Burgers @ Zark's


I think until now, I am still busog from that big stuff I ate yesterday. It's a big burger called "Stone cold stunner", and indeed it stunned me. I am certainly not a food blogger (but I'm starting to sound like one)....

Finding this hidden burger house was not easy by the way, Zark's is located at Taft Avenue in front of De La Salle University in Manila. If you see Yellow Cab, and went upstairs on a steel staircase then you're on the right track. The place is comfortable, nothing so special. On the walls are pictures of the green archers. You will see on the counter naman, the pictures of the people who completed the 5 min challenge (i'll tell more about this later).

Zark's @ Taft
Certainly it's huge and it's great
the Pampalasa family

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PNR Ride

When Dolphy's "Home Along Da Riles" was still on air, a lot of Filipinos use to watch it (including me) every Thursday night. Its story was a reflection of a family who lives along the railway, but they're still happy in spite of poverty and can still build up their house whenever it is brought into destruction by the rushing rusty train.

When you say "riles ng tren", it will automatically connote slum area plus a noisy rusty train . But hey guys, things have changed a bit, houses of a-few-inch-distance from the railway no longer exist, had them demolished and resettled by the government. The old rusty trains were replaced by air conditioned ones (pang-LRT type). Thanks to PNR, they made me want to experience this new train.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy Time Killer

Warning!: This is addicting, once you're hooked, you'll find it hard to stop.

Recommended for the people who are bored with their lives, trapped in the middle of the traffic, or in the middle of a loooong looong road trip, here's a great deal to kill your time.

Also recommended for the students who don't like to listen to their prof's lecture. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Banca Side Trip

Our finals week is almost over:

Parasitology - Lecture
Plant Systematics - Lecture
Animal Histology - Lecture
Cell Biology - Lecture
Technical Writing
Math Analysis

I still have 3 subjects to finish before vacation (oops, wala pala akong bakasyon, OJT na pala).

Ok, back to topic... a Banca (n. /bang-ka/ - a boat) side trip.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Philippine International Pyromusical Competion 2011 - Australia and Philippines

Fireworks + Music + Mall of Asia =  Philippine International Pyromusical Competion 2011

Just got home from Mall of Asia, tired, but still overwhelmed by those blasting colors I just witnessed. It was the last day of the competition, Australia and the Philippines were playing the matchsticks this time. It is my first time to watch this live so I was extremely stunned by that amazing fireworks display.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Aims 100 Added

Just finished my Aims 100 - a list of goals that I want to accomplish before I die. This list is similar to Creative Dork's 50/25 Project, Lakwatsera de Primera's 100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die, and Shin Chan's Wish list.  

Check it out, click Aims 100 on my link bar, just above this page. Leave comments or suggestions if you like.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Other Side of Me | Stamp Collector

Another collection that I keep is my stamp collection. I only got few stamps since I don't invest much on this collection and I don't think this collection will bloom so much because we now have electronic mailing systems. Perhaps if I buy stamps in the post office, this collection will grow. 

I learned from my mom how to cleanly rip a stamp from an envelope or a greeting card:
  1. Cut the part of the envelope/card where the stamp is attached
  2. Place it in water for about 3 minutes (the stamp will detach itself from the paper)
  3. Take the stamp out of the water and dry it

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Other Side of Me | Coin Collector

Aside from being a travel buff, a wannabe photographer and a history lover, I also am a collector. I collect things that are special to my eyes id est coins, stamps and some books from an author whose pseudonym is Bob Ong. It was 1998 (I was in first grade back then) when I started collecting old Philippine coins, then in 2002 I started ripping off stamps from our envelopes and greeting cards. Bob Ong books came late, I started buying and reading them when I was in first year college. Some people say that this hobby is just a waste of time and effort, but I say to them, "sorry but these are my priceless treasure, they're my life."


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