Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Banca Side Trip

Our finals week is almost over:

Parasitology - Lecture
Plant Systematics - Lecture
Animal Histology - Lecture
Cell Biology - Lecture
Technical Writing
Math Analysis

I still have 3 subjects to finish before vacation (oops, wala pala akong bakasyon, OJT na pala).

Ok, back to topic... a Banca (n. /bang-ka/ - a boat) side trip.

Going home from my beloved Pamantasan in Intramuros will take two jeepney rides: a Quiapo-bound jeep and another jeep going to Sta. Mesa. Pero kanina lang, I thought of having the longer route to Sta. Mesa, riding three jeepneys instead: to Ermita, then to Sta. Ana and finally to Sta. Mesa. Luckily, I managed to drag one of my biomate (a classmate in biology) to join me in this detour, she's my kapit-street (similar to kapit-bahay) naman kaya ok lang.

While on our way, she told me that there's a banca ride that will cross the river near Puregold Kalentong, across will be Bacood, Old Sta. Mesa already. This banca ride is not new to my ears, I first heard it from my friend who lives in Sta. Ana (there is also a banca station behind the Sta. Ana Public Market going to Punta).

So upon reaching the Banca station, we paid a 2 peso fare (so cheap, so good). The boat do not run by sail, a paddle, nor an engine. A rope, tied from south bank to north bank of the river, is being pulled by the bangkero. While on the boat, I saw a man swimming on the black water. (Discretion alert!) There were also a lot of unwanted things floating around: plastic bags, candy wrappers, shampoo sachet, hmmm... what else, oh there's a dead rat and a dead cat floating too (so stinky, so bad) hahaha...

The banca ride took 2 minutes from my time bank. After reaching the other side of the river, I felt good. Though this is a not-so-good side trip, it was still a fun experience.



  1. It does look like fun! :) P2?! That's awesome!

  2. haha asteeg! kala ko ang pinakamura ng nasakyan ko na boat sa Cam norte Php 3 for a ferry ride, my mas mura pa pala! haha
    we used to live in Sta. Mesa too, and Paco and Guadalupe (palipat lipat! haha) kaya madalas back and forth kame jan sa bandang Paco, Taft at Sta. Ana. kaka miss din ang mgaulo at matrapik na mga lugar,madame kase murang bilihin. hihi



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