Sunday, March 13, 2011

Philippine International Pyromusical Competion 2011 - Australia and Philippines

Fireworks + Music + Mall of Asia =  Philippine International Pyromusical Competion 2011

Just got home from Mall of Asia, tired, but still overwhelmed by those blasting colors I just witnessed. It was the last day of the competition, Australia and the Philippines were playing the matchsticks this time. It is my first time to watch this live so I was extremely stunned by that amazing fireworks display.

Getting into Mall of Asia was a disaster (sardinas moments): LRT chaotic ride (Central Station to EDSA Station), and jeepney (LRT to MOA). People were rushing into the mall to witness the last day of the pyromusical display. Everyone was excited to see Philippines' turn to blast those colors.

We arrived by 7:15 PM, we thought we're late already, but we're not. The pyromusical was about to start, people were pouring from all side. At first, we wanted to watch it for free but we decided to pay for a silver ticket instead.

After a few minutes, Australia gave their shot. It was a  nice display, but not so remarkable. Their music was nice, classic. Their display ran for more than 20 minutes.

We ate hotdog sandwiches from the TJ stall behind us as we waited for the next display. I saw no other food stall except for that TJ.

By around 8:30 PM, Philippines fired with surprise. There were fireworks in front of us as well as on our side. The choice of music was great: Bruno Mars' "just the way you are," Katy Perry's "Firework", Rihanna's "Love the way you lie" and some classic musics. If you're there, you'll hear the people saying "wow" in synchrony which was really amazing. The show was worthy of my 100 pesos.

When the event was done, going home was another disaster. Jeepneys and taxis were scarce, yet the demand was high. (Sa Baclaran na kami nakasakay)



  1. Awesome snapshots. Didn't get to watch any pyro show this year :(

  2. sayang po hndi nyu napanood yung phil. galing po e. hehe.

  3. nung college naman ako, sa Rob kami madalas tumambay. ang babata nyo pa! goodluck goodluck! =)

  4. ms.chyng, minsan na lang kami makagala ngayong 3rd yr. :) wla nang oras para maglakwatsa..

  5. nagpunta ka din? ako din hehe, pero uu nga mas maganda ang philippines kaysa australia for me :)

  6. andun din kame.sayang d tau nagkita kita. hehe

  7. :) marami pang naghihintay na panahon para magkitakita tayo fellow bloggers. :)



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