Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 @ MOA

Where was I last night?

After we ate at Zark's Burger House, my friends and I went to Mall of Asia. It's a little reunion with my high school friends, sulitin ang mga panahon ng muling pagsasamasama... nanood lang naman kami ng Sucker Puch.

So around 8:30 PM, during the Earth Hour, we were at National Bookstore. The lights (not all the lights) were turned off at this store. When I went out, I saw the Globe fronting the mall was also turned off. Wow, MOA's facade lights were turned off too. That's great. Not all the stores inside participated though.

SM, somehow, did save the Earth. Great job.


  1. wow! happy earth hour to you...

    nice site! followed u na...

  2. My host town also participated in the Earth Hour last night. All the lights in the city hall & the park was turned off (same with other establishments, not all though) and there's a band who played. 'twas a good night.

    I'm also planning to go to Sagada and Batad alone. :)))

  3. hey poot. thanks for dropping by... happy earth hour to you.

    good luck for your solo trip, let's follow ate chyng's footsteps :)

  4. more establishment should have participated. i was at edsa shangrila during earth hour and there was no lights out happening. :( let's hope for better perticipation next year. cheers to sm! hehehe

  5. @Tim, thank you po sir.

    @happysole, I agree. sana lang next year. maging level 1 darkness ang metro manila



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