Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy Time Killer

Warning!: This is addicting, once you're hooked, you'll find it hard to stop.

Recommended for the people who are bored with their lives, trapped in the middle of the traffic, or in the middle of a loooong looong road trip, here's a great deal to kill your time.

Also recommended for the students who don't like to listen to their prof's lecture. 

I learned this from a friend during a boring class...

Materials: A pencil/pen, a paper sheet (or you may want to use the pages of your book)

Stage 1. Easy level. Draw this figure without lifting the point of your pencil/pen. This is easy, an average person can solve this within 30 minute or less.

I made it in 10 minutes. (22 tries)

Stage 2. Difficult level. Draw this figure without lifting the point of your pencil/pen. Extremely difficult, I'm not even sure if this is actually possible, but she told it is really possible.

Until now, I can't figure it out.

Geez, I should be reviewing now for my finals...grrr.


  1. Haha. Hirap talaga pag may importanteng gagawin, naghahanap ng distraction no? Haha. In my case, inaantok ako pag may kailangan gawin. Hehe. Good luck sa finals!

  2. haha.. korek. effective na sleepping pill ang makakapal na review materials

  3. sa TRend Micro may mga ganyan kami, ang mga hindi makasolve, tanggal sa team! hahahaha

  4. ms. chyng, try mo yung difficult... tpos turo mo sakin. ang hirap e. :) kagabi pa ako pinahihirapan nyan... hndi tuloy ako masyado naka-review.

  5. Antagal tagal ko nang di nasosolve yung 'difficult'. grade 6 pa ata. haha. i also blogged about this, tignan ko pa kung san banda sa archive ko. hehehe

  6. hahaha, natry ko na din to dati,nung mga time na boring ang lecture ng teacher, mas madali nga yung una,

  7. @sir ed, oh diba... nanloloko lang ata yung gumawa nyan e. haha
    @ms. claire, try mo yung difficult, ang difficult nya.



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