Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mambukal Resort | A Post Climb Relaxation

Something that I really look forward to as soon as we finished our 3-day traverse hike on Mt. Kanlaon, is this relaxing resort right at the mountain's foot. Well, it's every hiker's (those who are doing Guintubdan-Wasay Traverse on Mt. Kanlaon) destiny to visit the place as it is, actually, the traverse's endpoint. So, kung nandun na rin lang, might as well just visit the place.


Tuesday - April 16, 2013

Our hike finally ended when we arrived at Mambukal Resort at around 10:00 AM. Given that we just completed a 3-day traverse hike, a long and challenging one, our bodies simply can't resist the call for a relaxing break at the resort. Nandun na rin naman kami, kaya dapat sulitin na ang pagkakataon.

entering Mambukal Resort.
For rates, just visit their website: Mambukal Resort
Actually, Mambukal Resort, in itself, is a hot spot frequented by travelers, or even locals, in Negros Occidental. The resort, which was first developed as a bathhouse in 1927, is known for a number of sulfuric hot springs as well as waterfalls and natural pools. Now, it's further developed to have facilities like spa house, picnic grounds, a boating lagoon, more pools and tourist lodges. With all that stuff, it is definitely worth a visit.

Since it was almost lunchtime when we arrived, we headed right away to their canteen/foodcourt area and of course, tried some of the dishes the Ilongos of Negros are known for. Authentic chicken inasal partnered with a refreshing avocado smoothie simply made my day.

Avocado Smoothie in Mambukal is a must-try
After the delectable lunch, we proceeded to a warm sulfuric pool just nearby. Dipping there is totally a great treat and truly relaxing. We probably spent 2 hours there, moving from corner to corner of the pool. Ah, sobrang sarap lang talaga mag-babad. Aahon lang kami kapag nahihilo na kami (FACT: nakakahilo ang pagbababad sa hot spring ng matagal), but moments after recovering, balik kami kagad sa pool.

a warm sulfuric pool
To complete our pampering post-climb treat, we visited the spa house that stands beside the pool area. Talagang sagaran na ang relaxation, minsan lang e. That one hour full body massage was the greatest! I fell asleep during the massage, and probably woke up after several minutes.

a cup of tea was served after the massage.
After the soothing and rejuvenating experience at the spa, we spent the remaining hour by going around, checking some interesting sights at the resort. I saw a boiling natural sulfuric hot spring, a lagoon and an open park. Then we had a cup of coffee, a local brew which tastes so yummy, seriously sobrang sarap talaga.

boating lagoon
a cup of coffee to complete our day
the original bath house built by Kokichi Paul Ishiwata in 1927
Certainly, a day is not enough to see and experience the entirety of Mambukal Resort. By 5PM, we left the place to catch a trip back Bacolod City. I know I missed a lot, particularly the waterfalls, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed very much our short stay. After all, I still plan to go back in this place.

Up next: Heritage of Bacolod, Talisay and Silay.



  1. After your three-day hike, a dip in the hot spring and a massage must have been heaven hahah :)

  2. Kelan pa huling punta ko dito? 5 years ago! antagal na! :-) Kumusta na Ivan!

    1. antagal na nga. haha.. Oks na oks lang ako, game na game pa rin sa akyatan :)

  3. Sa lahat ng pinaka-heavenly reward na gusto ko after mga paglayu layong trekking/climbing ay ito - lumublob sa mainit na bukal. :) sarap noh. :)

    See you in Davao Ivan. :)

  4. Mambukal.. hindi nakakasawang place :) Hi Ivan, thanks for the informative entries.. I always browse your blog when ever I plan for a trip :) more power and God Bless your ways always! :)

  5. Thanks for all the informative entries.. Lagi akong nagbabasa ako ng mga sinusulat mo para makakuha ng tips para sa mga plan trips :) Thanks and God bless your ways!

    Ah, Mambukal, nakakamiss!

  6. Nice naman... Been here and survived the 7 falls of Mambukal pero di pa ako nakakaakyat ng Mt. Kanlaon... :)



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