Thursday, August 23, 2012

Viaje Camarines Norte | Malatap Falls

Day 3 - April 23, 2012

Malatap Falls in the town of Labo was the last in our itinerary.

Getting there was piece of cake. After lunch, we went there by jeep (topload style) from the terminal in Daet, nakalimutan ko na kung magkano pamasahe, and the travel time was about an hour. The drop-off point is located at the end of the first metal bridge that comes after the Bagong Silang Junction, then from there, one will need to walk (for just a few minutes) along the path to its right and there's Malatap Falls.

Malatap Falls
It was a gorgeous falls, water cascading dramatically on a wide but low rock formation towards a wide basin. It's an ideal place for barkada bonding moments, also ideal for local women to wash up their clothes.

To tell you honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with what I saw during our visit. The proximity of this supposedly pristine falls to the community makes it a bit not so touristy. Some local women wash their clothes there making the water smell like detergent. Also, human trash were all over (nothing beats a falls na kailangan pang i-trek, malayo kasi sa kabihasnan, hindi prone sa human waste). Nevertheless, it's still a very picturesque waterfalls.

We just spent our whole time there taking pictures and listening to the sound of the falls. What a relaxing moment (pero mas ok pa rin talaga kung nakaligo kami).

At around 4:30 pm, we left the place and head back to Daet, we had dinner, bought pasalubong, and went to the bus terminal. Our 3-day CamNorte Trip was over, we were now Manila-bound. haay back to reality.


Viaje Camarines Norte Series, April 21-23, 2012

Viaje Camarines Norte | Malatap Falls


  1. isasama ko 'to is IT ko pagpunta ko ng CamNorte... thanks for sharing Ivan!

  2. I think Malatap falls is already part of Mt. Labo... sana inakyat nyo Mt. Labo hanap ako ng hanap ng blog at IT pang akyat sa Mt. Labo... ang konti kasi ng info sa bundok na yon at gusto ko akyatin e :)



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