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Viaje Camarines Norte | Solo Trek to Calaguas Hills

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Day 2 - April 22, 2012

Our supposed group trek to the nearby hills of the island turned out to be another solo trek for me. Well that's not a problem at all, being a natural-born introvert, this could still be one great adventure.

My friends left me (or should I say, I left them) trekking alone on the rocky coast south of Mahabang Buhangin beach. My goal was to reach the grassy hill about a kilometer from our camp.

the grassy hill I want to reach
The trek along the rocky coast was not as easy as what my my mind was telling me at first. Most of the rocks were sharp and slippery. Some have cracks, ready to give up once you applied a tiny amount of force upon it. I also faced the challenge of passing through the battering waves. At some point, goats (there were plenty of them there) were blocking my way.

I must climb over these large rocks. easy lang 
and stayed away from these strong waves. easy lang din
natakam ako bigla sa papaitan.
Nevertheless, I still managed to pass through the rocks and the waves and the goats and made it to another cove. From there, I still trekked for about 5 minutes more along the sandy shore until I reached the foot of the hill.

just a cove more before the very much wanted hill
a small hut at the foot of the hill.  

There's a trail beside the hut. I, being so curious, followed that trail because I really thought it would lead me up to the hill's summit. But just after 3 minutes, the trail ended up at the doorstep of a private property that was guarded by some noisy dogs. Takot ako sa barking dogs, that's why they successfully fended me off.

When I realized that there was no trail up to the summit, I just walked and stepped over the medium sized talahibs until I reached the most elevated part, it's the summit I guess.

almost there....
I think I've reached the summit after trekking for an hour.
view sa taas, I wanted to go to the other side pa sana kaya lang may fence nang nakaharang.

I spent only a few minutes on top since I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Medyo nagrereklamo na yung stomach ko. Soon after I finished taking some photos and somehow satisfied my trekking urge, I leaped back to our camp at Mahabang Buhangin Beach  (one hour trek again sa batuhan).

Back at the camp (8:20 AM) , everyone was enjoying the beach (sinusulit na ang ilang oras na nalalabi sa isla). I soon joined them after finishing my cup-noodles breakfast and a cup of coffee.

medyo wala nang tao, konti na lang ang natirang bisita sa isla.
beautiful beach
Jump shot. oh yeah. ang landi lang nung isa kong kasama, Ropelson ang pangalan niya.

At 11 before noon, we started packing up our things and break the camp because in 30 minutes, we'll be leaving the island. Everyone was really happy except for one, that's me. Well pinasok lang naman ng buhangin yung lens ng Olympus fe21. Arghhh!! Goodbye to my first digital camera.

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