Saturday, August 4, 2012

Viaje Ifugao | Into My 23rd Province

6 o'clock in the morning, I woke up not in the comfort of my bed but inside a bus bound for Lagawe, Ifugao (nagising ako kasi sobrang lamig sa bus). I was smiling the whole time, knowing that I'll be finally seeing the famous terraces of Ifugao, another dream destination to be slashed out of my bucket list. My big thanks to sir Melo of and of course to PHILTOA for giving me a chance to experience personally the rich and unique culture of our Ifugao brothers.

After a total of 8 hours butt-numbing road trip from Manila (ang haba lang), Sir Jun, our group's Ifugao (by blood) tour guide, announced that we just entered the town of Lamut (known as the "Gateway to the Ifugaos", Lamut is the first town to reach if you're coming from south). Lalo akong na-excite at nilalamig, we're getting closer and closer to our destination.

just passed by the "welcome to ifugao" signage. ambagal kasi magbukas ng camera ko kaya hindi ko napicturan.
I made my first step on my 23rd province when we stopped here (along the road before the Kiangan-Lagawe junction) to take some snapshots of the river (I forgot the name) which according to Sir Jun, is fit for white water rafting.
In no more than an hour (from Lamut), we reached Lagawe, the provincial capital. We stopped there for a welcome reception hosted by the provincial government of Ifugao at their Provincial Capitol. The welcoming party was led by their lively and young governor, Gov. Eugene Balitang. First time ko makaranas na winewelcome pa ng governor ng provincia, ang astig lang, VIP treatment ftw!    

the capitol. simpleng bulding lang compared to other provincial capitols I've seen
first stamp site for our Ifugao Heritage Warrior Passport.

Gov. Balitang welcoming our group. Nung una ko siyang makita, never ko talaga naisip na siya ang governor.
There were still a lot of activities waiting for us, that's why when all the stomachs were already full, the whole group traveled again for another hour to the touristy town of Banaue.

Welcome drinks at Banue Hotel and Youth Hostel, our home for 4 days in Ifugao   

When we arrived at Banaue, we were given only an hour and 30 minutes to prepare/unpack our things in our room, because at 10:30 AM, we'll head out again to witness some wooden bike race and ethnic games presentation. Yeah Awesome!

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