Saturday, September 15, 2012

Viaje Ifugao | Bikes, Games and Houses

in 3... 2... 1.. the wheels were rolling on the street.

Everyone was cheering as the wooden bikes, ridden by Ifugaos in traditional clothes, hit the street. It was a race, like a scene from a race movie. Nakakatuwa lang pagmasdan ang kagalakan sa mukha ng mga spectators, woohoo

I personally like these wooden bikes, the wood carvings on the head depicting an animal important to their livelihood. In fact, tourists nowadays visit Banaue not just for the famous rice terraces but also for these awesome-looking pieces of art.  

This two wheeled wooden vehicle works much like a scooter (walang pedal at kadena), the pull of gravity and the slopes of street do the trick on it. The Ifugao rider will then just kick on the ground and vwalla, they rule the streets of Banaue.

beautifully carved wooden bikes
animal heads: Ram, Dragon, Chicken, Horse, Pig, Monkey
o diba, parang Chinese Zodiac lang
Your camera must be quick in capturing these fast moving bikes. E medyo mabagal yung camera ko kaya medyo sablay ang mga kuha ko tuwing umaandar sila.

getting ready
dahil walang pedal ang mga wooden bike na ito, kelangan nila itulak lang pabalik sa taas.
After posing for some pictures with the bikes, our group then headed to Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort where a showcase of the evolution of Ifugao Houses and a demonstration of traditional Ifugao games were waiting for us.
Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort is a DOT accredited lodging place where visitors can stay in a traditional Ifugao hut for a night or more. Live like a local in an ethnic village.
upon our arrival, we were brought here to take a glance at Ifugaos' rich culture
An Ifugao folk explained to us how their abode evolved through time. From a simple single floor dwelling it evolved to a 2-floor hut where the household can still utilize the ground floor for some more activities.

the 4 types of Ifugao dwelling. (1) Abong-tinodmok, the most primitive type, (2) Abong-kinibat, a wider and higher 2nd type, (3) Abong-Guina-ob, better and higher type of house with 4 posts, (4) Bale, a 2-floor Ifugao house uniquely architectured by the primitive Ifugaos.
Weaving, smelting, and wood carving are some of the activities demonstrated to us by the Ifugaos in that showcase which were all done at the silong of Bale. Sobrang impressed ako sa mastery nila sa ginagawa nila.

and wood carving. Awesome!
it was also explained to us that putting animal skulls (used during rituals) on display would only mean prestigious living
When we're done with the Ifugao houses, the presentation then focused on their native games which were demonstrated by the same people who rode the wooden bikes earlier. Sobrang nakakaaliw lang dahil medyo familiar yung iba at may pagkakatulad din sa mga modern games natin.

dambahan on one foot
leg wrestling yan. nakakatuwa yan panoorin. bigla na lang umiikot na hndi ko maintindihan.
arm wrestling?
sumo wrestling?
stilts race?
Each game has an Ifugao name (nakalimutan ko lang).

At around 1 PM, our visit to Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort was concluded with a delightful lunch. yum yum, then after that, we returned to our hotel. We need to rest for tomorow's adventure to Batad village.

to be continued... 


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  1. Ifugao! wow!!! Looking forward to your future ifugao post! I love them <3

  2. Wow! This looks like such a cool event. I love the intricate wooden carvings on the bike. I'm now based in Korea teaching English and they a similar wrestling with one leg! I got to try it once on sports day :)

  3. When I see the bikes, ang naaalala ko si John Chua haha

  4. Nakakaenganyo talagang pagmasdan ang mga bikes na yan. This is something I should not miss pag nakapunta ako ng Ifugao. My brother-in-law has been bugging me to go visit their place yet hindi ko pa napagbigyan. This post will sure push me the next time around.

  5. hi there....i will be going to Banaue on the second week of november you think i can see those wooden bikes there?...gusto ko lng sanang ma experience riding the bike



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