Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream Climb | One Step Forward

I am 20 going on 21 in four months or so, and I am extremely excited. (countdown now active in my site, look at my sidebar)

While other males choose to celebrate their 21st by staging a grand party with their relatives and friends, I have a bigger, more extreme plan for mine. I choose to celebrate my 21 years of happy existence up on the roof of the Philippine Archipelago, I choose to climb Mt. Apo. Actually it’s a Talomo-Apo megatraverse plus a Dulang-Dulang-Kitanglad traverse, a weeklong celebration on the famed Mindanao 1-2-3. It is my biggest dream climb and I want to fulfill it the soonest.

I already have my plane tickets now, just bought them from the recent Piso Fare of Cebu Pacific.


It will be a 12-day epic adventure on the Island of Mindanao. The first five days will be spent on Talomo-Apo Trail and some spots in Davao City, the next 2 days will be a solo trip to Malaybalay, Bukidnon (I’ll be waiting for my climb buddies for the D2K traverse), and the last five days will be on the trails of Dulang-Dulang and Kitanglad. Gosh I can no longer wait for this one.


This post is meant to express my great excitement for my upcoming Mindanao 1-2-3 adventure, especially Mt. Apo which can really make me the happiest man celebrating his 21st year. In fact, climbing Mt. Apo is one of the reasons why I’m not getting a passport until now. I remember signing a pact with myself (way back after graduating high school) that I will not travel around the globe until I have set my foot on its summit. Well, mukhang malapit na akong lumabas ng bansa


  1. Good luck and have fun on your 21st birthday! It will surely be a blast because it is what you strongly desire. Bless you on all your climbs, Ivan. :D

  2. Nice Ivan! tatlong magagandang bundok in 12 days! Goodluck:)

  3. Wow! I am sure you want to sleep now and wake up on January 17 :)) It will be one fun adventure! Good luck!

  4. Wow. Good luck, Ivan. Happy birthday in advance. :)

  5. Wow! ang gandang birthday gift ssa sarili! :))

  6. hahahaha di halatang excited! good luck ivan, inggit ako makapag climb ka sa mindanao. pangarap ko dulang-dulang!

  7. Go Ivan, embark soon on global dominance, we will all wait for you! hehehe

  8. Bai, this is great! Sulit talaga ang trip mo sa Mindanao. I know you will enjoy Dulang-Dulang and Kitanglad. I have been to those mountains. Di lang ako nakapag-Apo at D2-K traverse.

  9. haha, nakakatuwa ang post na ito, so true, sana nga hindi pa rin huli ang lahat sa akin na explore ang mountains and will meet some awesome people like you. mas masarap mag nature trip and climb mountains kesa mag party-party just like the other guys do. keep it up and hopefully makasama ako sa mga adventures mo.

    1. thanks sir. it's never too late to climb mountains. akyat na!



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