Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Yes I'm In Love

My love for her is getting stronger and more pleasurable. She has become my inspiration, living without her would only mean one thing - total incompleteness. She's the power that keeps my engine going, the fuel that keeps my fiery heart burning. My crookedness becomes more severe and deadly, I'm addicted to her. She's my drug, the ecstasy that makes me high.

I'm a fool, I know, a confused kiddo trapped in a hopeless romance. But after dating her, with no fail, for 6 consecutive weeks, my love for her soars up in the sky (quite literally). Each meet up is a total different experience. She's always at her best, she never fails to amaze me with her enchanting beauty.
I hope I can meet her again soon.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Mt. Pinatubo on our first monthsary
Then a windy encounter at Mt. Mariveles on the 4th of February
Just last Sunday, we again met at Mt. Manalmon.

Read here the first part of my Mountain Love Story.


  1. Grabe sunod sunod na ang climb..wish I had the luxury of time to do this.Ako each year ang goal ko is to climb at least one mountain.

    1. kaya nga e. it's a healthy addiction.

    2. yes ..it is the healthiest addiction. -> to climb a mountain :)

  2. :-) I also hope to see the love of your life soon...

  3. wow..mount pinatubo..buti jan senyo ang ganda ng panahon..dito samin ulan..up to sawa.

  4. This must be true love and obsession Ivan, at least with her, you won't get brokenhearted ;)



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