Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mt. Mariveles (Tarak Ridge) | Three Isn't Enough

Just a week after surviving a nasty accident (yup, I was hit by a motorcycle last June 29 and it gave me abrasions on my right cheek, lacerations on my right eyebrow and chin, chipped frontal and canine teeth, and a hairline fracture at my jaw), I'm back again to hiking... despite my doctor's advice to rest for another week. I'm such a pasaway you know... 

A mountain is just too irresistible... it's like an addictive drug I cannot live without. Both my mind and heart, even my body and soul, tells me to hike up a mountain the soonest possible. So when I learned that some hiking buddies will dayhike Tarak Ridge, I simply joined the fun.


Saturday Dayhike - July 7, 2012

Last Saturday I hiked again the west face of Mariveles Range (my third time actually... hindi kasi nakakasawa ang Tarak Ridge.. ang ganda lang) and just like my previous dayhikes, we were so blessed with a good weather.

here's our group photo at the ridge
Photo from sir Rey of

On my 3rd Tarak Ridge Dayhike:

• We completed the whole dayhike in more or less 13 hours: 6 hours ascent, 3 hours at the ridge, and 4 hours descent. 

• I noticed more fallen trees obstruct the trail starting from Nanay Kurding's place.

• There are streams of water along the trail going to Papaya River (which I did not encounter on my 1st and 2nd dayhikes)

• Papaya River was at its best, it's fit for swimming - chest-deep at the lower part of the river

• I still don't know why Papaya River is called "Papaya River"... there's no papaya plant at the vicinity nor the water tastes like a papaya :)

• We did not reach any of the peaks: Tarak Peak and El Saco Peak, because it is much more fun to sleep at the ridge.

• We failed to catch the last trip of Mariveles to Manila (last trip is at 7PM), so we took a short trip to Balanga City to catch the last trip back to Manila, but then again, we failed to catch that trip (last trip to Manila from Balanga is at 9PM). So we waited at Balanga City terminal until 1AM to catch the first bus trip to Manila.

• I haven't tried camping at this mountain yet, or do a traverse to other side of Mariveles mountain. Hopefully I'll accomplish both on my 4th hike on this mountain.

• I would like to congratulate my friends, Byron of and Andrew of  for completing their first major climb. I would also like to thank Karina and friends for organizing this climb.

For a more detailed post, check out my first article on Tarak Ridge Dayhike, itinerary and budget on a separate post here.


  1. Hope your wounds are healing.. Gusto ko rin sanang mag hike kung kakayanin ko hahhaha :)

  2. Pasaway ka talaga haha! Pero sincerely Salamat dude! Muntik nakong mamatay (at magpakamatay) pero you helped me out. Idol na talaga kita hehehe! Next time I promise unahan na tayo hehehe!

  3. sobrang lamig dyan kapag gabi... next time, overnight naman kayu,... :) congrats on your 3rd Tarak Day hike! cheers!!! :)

    1. i agree, naranasan ko ang sobrang lamig dyan.. tanghaling tapat pero nangangatog kami sa lamig.

  4. Did the motorcyclist paid for your doctor's bill? I'm glad you did not suffer more injuries than you did - ingat lang.

  5. next time ulit sir ivan. maraming salamat din. :)

  6. Like I told you before, as much as you love climbing mountains, there are still people worried about your condition. It would've been... a little more sensitive had you followed the doctor's advice and taking another week of resting. Worried lang nanay mo! Hahaha.

    But the important thing is you are doing better and is physically ready for more mountains again! :D

  7. wow...kamiss tong bundok na toh...un sea of clouds, un papaya river na wala naman papaya sa paligid...^_^ kaso isa ito sa mga bundok na di ko na babalikan...sinumpa ko nah..kasi naging buwis buhay un climb namin diyan....hehehehe...^_^

  8. Sir may climb kami sa October 13-14, sama ka sir para magawa mo na na mag onyt dito heheheh thanks

    1. thanks sa invite sir :) kaya lang may hike ba ako sa date na yan :)

  9. Oo nga bakit kaya papaya river yun? Baka naman hugis papaya? (. )



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