Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Animal Express at Zoobic Safari

Still part of our Subic Weekend Trip is a visit in their very own Zoobic Safari. This 25 hectare piece of land is home to a number of both wild and domestic animals, from small animals belonging to Order Rodentia to animals that are big and muscular such as tigers and lions of the Order Carnivora. In fact, they claim that they have the only Tiger safari in the country. It was my second time to be in this zoo, I was here last November 2011, and everything looked still the same.

Welcome to Zoobic Safari
here's the ticket prices as of 2011
and the schedule of Animal Parade just in case you want to watch it
the tram rides we used during the tour
Our adventure began as we entered a large cage where different species of birds fly freely. White Umbrella Cockatoo, African Grey Parrot, Philippine Eagle Owl, Golden Pheasant, and Palawan Hill Mayna are among the avian population inside the cage. Inside the cage, visitors can also have photo opportunities with these feathered friends for P20 or P15.

Umbrella Cockatoo
Harry Potter's owl
bird feeding, P10
We continued the tour towards the mammalian section of the safari. Majority of the animals there are farm animals, which includes different species of horses and sheep. Deer and camels are also present in this section. Don't miss the fun of milk feeding the baby sheep which costs P30 per bottle.

We also entered tunnel-like house which harbors the reptilians. Snakes, lizards and small crocs are found inside.

The next part of the tour involves the close encounter with the ferocious big cats. The Tiger Safari experience is my favorite in this whole trip. It was a bumpy ride inside this fenced compound, tigers are just around watching at us. Only when our guide brought out the raw chicken (P200 each) that the tigers approached out jeep. I saw before me the eyes of ferocity. We can see, hear, and smell the mouth of the tiger as it munch and bite our chicken. It was really cool, especially when the big cat jumped over our jeep. It was however a quick 5 minutes close encounter with the tigers.

this is the jeep we used in Tiger Safari
close encounter
The Tiger Safari was followed by the Savanna (encounter with the ostriches and warthogs/pot-bellied pigs), the Animal Muzooeum (an exhibit of animal bones and furs), the Aeta Trail (encounter with the Aetas, and their rich culture) and finally the Crocodile Farm (of course there are crocodiles).

Aetas of Zoobic Safari, performing their native dance
Take some time to also watch their Animal Show/Animal Parade in the afternoon which is fairly entertaining. You will witness there Aeta presentations and of course a parade of some of their gorgeous animals. 

it's an entertaining show, I liked it

This place will definitely amuse not just families and kids but also the people with high inclination to wildlife and biodiversity.


Zoobic Safari
Group I Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222
Telefax Number: +63 (47) 252-2272
Mobile Number: +63 929-7072222


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