Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mt. Makiling | MakTrav For The 3rd Time

It's very nice to be back again on the trails of Mt. Makiling just after 2 months. Everything still seemed so much familiar, as if I did my last climb here only yesterday. Some hiking friends who are all "MakTrav Virgins" asked me a simple request which I find very hard to turn down - to guide them.

It was my third time to do Mt. Makiling Traverse (my first and second time here happened consecutively in the first and second Saturdays of March 2012). I took the Palanggana Trail via Brgy. San Bartolome jump-off on all of my previous climbs, so syempre dito ko rin dinala ang aking mga gina-guide.   

I already wrote a detailed MakTrav post and I don't want to write the same details all over again. So basically, I will just post here a list of some new things I encountered on my 3rd MakTrav. 

June 12, 2012, Freedom Climb 2012

• MakTrav as our Freedom Climb 2012. FC-FC-han kami sa Mt. Makiling

• We got lost on the trail for like 5 minutes. I failed to notice the very obvious trail sign leading to the grassy view deck. lesson: wag palaging naka-yuko sa dinadaanang trail

VERY IMPORTANT (they weren't there 2 months ago) : I was surprised that the trail near the Melkas Campsite was somewhat ruined by someone or a group. Many crisscrossing trails (leading to nowhere) were newly created over the original trail, and a lot of pink ribbon trail signs (more than 50 I think) were scattered all over. People who are not familiar with Makiling's trail will surely get lost in that area.

ignore these annoying pink ribbons, it will surely lead you to wilderness.
to get out of misery, look for this original blue trail sign or the yellow Makiling Quest trail sign.

• For the record, I removed 102 limatiks from my body. My worst limatik encounter so far.

it's rainy season, so talagang may festival ang mga limatik

• Mt. Makiling's shower station (station 1) is still the best liguan ever. warm bath ftw! 

• We again had a dinner at Sulyaw, I consumed 3 glasses of unli Iced tea.

congrats to these six for completing their first MakTrav.


  1. Yahoo! Ivan baka sa ika-4th time mo eh pwede ka nang umakyat ng nakapikit! :-D

  2. naks! guide na..uyy, Marami, gusto ko! :)

    1. hihi. tara na ate tin :) akyat na tayo ng Marami.

  3. parang kailan lang... you keep commenting wala ka pang naaakyat na bundok tapos ngayun, playground mo na lang ang Makiling!? Ikaw na Ivan! Ikaw na! :)

    1. haha. parang kailan lang.. talaga atang itinadhana ako sa piling ng mga bundok.. sa ganitong adventure ako tlga pinakamasaya :)

  4. bat parang linta yung limatiks? hindi ko ata alam yung creature na yun. hihihi!
    taga calamba ang father ko pero di pa ko nakakapunta sa makiling na yan.

    at may pink ribbon talaga? victoria bekiham yun. hahaha! nang-re-rape ng mga lalaking mountaineers.

  5. sir, open na po ba ang maktrav for dayhike on Dec 23? can we ask your guide-ing service? :)



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