Monday, June 11, 2012

My Travel History: College Life

From D class traveler to C.

As I entered the college phase of my life, the traveler in me exploded like a bomb. I became unstoppable after the travel bug bit me. 

Actually it was only during my 3rd year in college when my interest to move on all the corners of the Philippines heightened. I was able to explore Ilocandia in the north, visited its famous attractions such as Old Town Vigan, Paoay Church, Pagudpud, Bangui Windmills and Patapat Viaduct. For me, it was a life changing trip as it was my first no-parental-guidance trip.

Then by November 2010, there came the birth of this blog, Batang Lakwatsero, which was soon affiliated to Pinoy Travel Bloggers (PTB), a group of Filipino travel bloggers who actively inspire others to travel the Philippines and other countries. In fact, it is the people from PTB who influenced me to travel more this beautiful country.

I went to Sagada, Bolinao, towns of Quezon, and Zambales. I even braved the island province of Marinduque on solo. I also had my first flight experience to my first Visayan province which is Cebu.

By the end of my college years, I was again introduced into a new addicting activity - mountaineering. This outdoor sports which is becoming more popular nowadays has paved more opportunities for me to visit the roads that only the adventure buffs of extreme level would dare to go.

I climbed mountains like there's no tomorrow, within just 4 months, I conquered 13 Luzon mountains. Among these mountains, my top choice are Mt. Makiling (Batangas-Laguna), Mt. Maculot (Batangas) and Mt. Ugo (Nueva Vizcaya-Benguet). Oh, there's even an instance that I stood on the border of three different provinces coming from three different regions (Pangasinan, Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya), this was located at the summit of Mt. Ugo.

Many told me that I am lucky that I started traveling at a young age, which means I have plenty of time to cover all the 80 Philippine provinces. At the age of 20, I already have 22 on the record, 58 more to go to completely fill my Lakbayan Map with dark blue.  

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  1. Such coool blog po kuya. PTB is my inspiration also :)

  2. hi sir :) it's so nice of you to post your map in your blog. way back in college, i was a sheltered princess of very over-protective parents. i got invites from blockmates who joined outdoor excursions from the university's outdoor organisations but all i had to share back then was envy as i look at happy faces and grand vistas in their photos. so i promised myself that when i graduate, i will work hard, earn money and travel like there's no tomorrow.

    come first quarter of 2006, i only had one course which was my last thesis course. i squandered my savings which i earned from small side trips (none of which my parents know and if they knew about it, i would have been whooped -- band) and bought tickets to my first ever solo trip to cebu. i used all my allowance money (since i only have thesis so basically i just stayed home) to ride jeepneys, trains - all public transpo in manila you can think of - from terminal to terminal just to know more about manila. my traveling became worse with a stable job hahahaha...

    i graduated at the age of 19 and a lot of people told me that i have wasted my career by not taking it seriously. i go home on the dot instead of joining post-office engagements which are either non-work related or more work. at my age now, i could have been a manager with my years of experience in work but none of the things i have done will i trade for such title and salary. why? most people of the same age as mine suffered from different illnesses which a person should only have until he or she reaches 50 i.e. high blood, diabetes, sciatica, etc. most people of the same age as mine get married due to social demand, have kids, and day dream of the days they could have spent on their own before they even get married. worse would be meeting someone knew and singing "bakit ngayon ka lang?"

    these are the things one would not have experienced if only they went out of reality a bit. it pays to be a child at heart. so don't stop searching until god knows when.

    1. wow, thanks for sharing your story she-wolf. at least ngayon nagagawa mo na yung mga dating hndi mo magawa. congrats and happy travels and hikes.

  3. Indeed you are one lucky young guy! I wished I started traveling when I was in college. Cherish the moments, bro! Keep traveling!



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