Friday, December 21, 2012

Sagada Revisited

Shit things do happen, sometimes they'll just come by surprise and would wreak havoc, and the worst part is that you know you cannot do anything to stop it. For instance, an adventure of mine was crippled by an unexpected shitness. Everything was set for a day trip at Taal Volcano, we were just waiting for the day to finally come when suddenly, there's an Alert Level 1 announcement by PhilVolcs (arrrggh, I really hate postponements). Of course, our trip was postponed and my 3-day long weekend (Bonifacio Day) was freed.

But on a brighter side, the postponement of our Taal Volcano Adventure gave way to a better, more exciting adventure up north. I simply cannot afford to just stay at home for 3 days doing nothing. That's why, out of the blue, I bought tickets bound for Sagada.  

In this trip, I was able to squeeze 5 famous Sagada destinations in just 3 days: Mt. Ampacao, Kiltepan Sunrise, Echo Valley, Pongas Falls, and Cave Connection. Also, we were able to try Lemon Pie House, Rock Inn and Cafe, Yogurt House and Pinikpikan Haus.

Anyway, here's my actual 3-day itinerary for Sagada...

Day 0 - November 29, 2012 

11:00 PM - Depart from Manila, bound for Baguio

Day 1 - November 30, 2012

04:45 AM - Arrive at Baguio City, head to Dangwa Terminal
05:45 AM - Depart from Dangwa Terminal, bound for Sagada
11:30 AM - Arrive at Sagada, check in at Traveler's Inn
12:00 NN - Lunch at Yogurt House
01:00 PM - Trek to Mt. Ampacao
04:00 PM - Summit of Mt. Ampacao
06:45 PM - Dinner at Lemon Pie House
08:00 PM - back to Traveler's Inn

Day 2 - December 1, 2012

03:30 AM - Trek to Kiltepan Peak
05:30 AM - Sunrise viewing at Kiltepan Peak
08:00 AM - Breakfast at Rock Inn and Cafe
09:30 AM - Echo Valley
10:45 AM - Start trek to Pongas Falls
12:20 PM - Pongas Falls
03:00 PM - Quick lunch at Lemon Pie House
04:15 PM - Start Cave Connection: enter Lumiang Cave
08:30 PM  - End Cave Connection: exit Sumaguing cave
09:00 PM - Dinner at Kimchi Restaurant
10:00 PM - back to Traveler's Inn

Day 3 - December 2, 2012

07:30 AM - Breakfast at Pinikpikan Haus
09:00 AM - Buy pasalubong, Check out at Traveler's Inn
09:30 AM - Depart from Sagada, jeep to Bontoc, topload style
10:30 AM - Arrive at Bontoc, ride bus bound for Baguio City
05:30 PM - Arrive at Baguio City
05:45 PM - Dinner at Good Taste Restaurant
06:30 PM - Buy pasalubong at market
09:45 PM - Depart from Baguio, bus to Manila

Day 4 - December 3, 2012

03:30 AM  - Arrive at Manila

As for the budget, here's the breakdown...

P450.00 - bus Manila to Baguio
P450.00 - bus Baguio to Manila
P212.00 - bus Baguio to Sagada
P200.00 - bus Bontoc to Baguio
P45.00 - jeep Sagada to Bontoc

P500/night - Traveler's Inn, room for 2

P600.00 - guide to Pongas Falls, divide by 2
P800.00 - guide in Cave Connection, divide by 2
P200.00 - tip

P250.00 - lunch day 1
P150.00 - dinner day 1
P180.00 - breakfast day 2
P50.00 - lunch day 2
P120.00 - dinner day 2
P120.00 - breakfast day 3
P150.00 - dinner day 3

P400.00 - Pasalubong
P200.00 - other stuff

Total =  P4,277.00

safe budget - P4500

And just to share some photos of my last Sagada trip...

the road trip to Sagada is really long and butt-numbing. a total of 12 hours travel from Manila.
When we reached Sagada, almost all of the lodging places were fully booked.
luckily, we found Traveler's Inn. and they still have one more room which is good for two (rate P500 per night)
We then had lunch at Yogurt House, of course, there's strawberry yogurt for dessert
After lunch, we trekked to Mt. Ampacao. Yes we successfully reached its tower summit, but when we attempted to traverse the mountain to Lake Danum, we lost our way.
A dinner at Lemon Pie house followed our Mt. Ampacao day trip. Again, we tried the house's specialty.
The next day, we visited Kiltepan Peak to witness the sunrise.
Also at the Kiltepan Peak, there's an astonishing view of the Kiltepan Terraces
On our way to Pongas Falls, we trekked on terraces
the three layered Pongas Falls
Cave Connection was the last activity on our 2nd day, we entered Lumiang and exited at Sumaguing
to complete the experience, we rode a jeep - topload style - as we left the quaint town of Sagada 


Thanks to my buddy, Roan, for accompanying me to this 3-day Sagada Adventure.


  1. ganda talaga nito. at mukhang birheng maria si roan dun sa isang pic - wih

  2. Ang ganda. Will visit this place next year, September.

  3. Did you need a guide to go to Kiltepan and Mt. Ampacao?



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