Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mt. Mabilog | An Unexpected Traverse

We were trekking our way back to Lake Pandin from the summit of Mt. Mabilog... but all of a sudden, we found ourselves standing in front of Lake Yambo. It was an unexpected Mt. Mabilog Traverse.


Saturday - December 8, 2012 

We're done with Mt. Kalisungan and now in pursuit of Mt. Mabilog's summit to complete the Twin Hikes IV.
The time was almost 2PM when our group arrived at the jump-off of Mt. Mabilog at Brgy. Sto. Anghel, San Pablo City. Actually, we're a bit late in our itinerary, haven't taken lunch yet, but my eagerness to reach the summit of Mt. Mabilog did not wane a bit - maybe I was just really excited to reach my 30th mountain

the Sto. Anghel jump-off of Mt. Mabilog is also the jump-off for Lake Pandin (Lake Pandin is one of the 7 Lakes of San Pablo), thus, half of the group who had enough hiking for the day just opted to stay by the lake to chill and relax.
The other half continued towards the summit of Mt. Mabilog.
Guided by 3 friendly locals, we started our trek at 02:45 PM. The trail was really very easy, to the point that even a non-hiker would definitely enjoy the trek. In fact, it just displaced Mt. Buntis for being my easiest hike ever.   

the trail ascends gradually and the environment closely resembles that of Mt. Sembrano. Banana plants dominate the trail.
there were grazing cows along the trail. yung iba nakakatakot kasi mahahaba yung sungay.
Surprisingly, in just a little more than an hour (30 mins shorter than what Doc Gideon estimated), we're already at the summit. I realized that it wasn't just my easiest hike but also my quickest. 

And the reward for hiking Mt. Mabilog's summit. You will see the Banahaw Mountain Complex (Mt. Cristobal, Mt. Banahaw and Banahaw de Lucban) and Lakes Pandin and Yambo.

The Unexpected Traverse to Nagcarlan

We were still not done taking photos when suddenly rain poured down on us. This left us with no choice but to start leaving the summit and head back to Lake Pandin where the other half of the group was waiting for us.

Rainbow after the rain
On our way back to the jump-off, Doc Gideon in front of me started to gain up speed. Since I am really his avid follower, I tried to keep up on his pace (oh men, he's really fast on the trail). I feel so honored that yeah, I am keeping up with him. But moments later, the trail we were taking became a bit unfamiliar. So I asked Doc Gideon if it is the same trail we took earlier, he said no. We came across an unfamiliar house, then took a trail that's a bit overgrown, in short we lost our way back to Lake Pandin. But despite this, I did not feel worried at all. Isang doctor at professional mountaineer ang kasama ko, practically there's no reason to feel worried. 

We again came across another house and there we found a man doing his chores. We asked for directions back to Lake Pandin, he did give us directions, but we still ended up taking a different trail. We even reached a muddy river. 

From the river, we took another overgrown trail until, vwalla, we stumbled upon an established trail. We just followed it until, out of the blue, we found ourselves standing in front of Lake Yambo. Whoa, it was a big surprise.

And so we reached Lake Yambo
a closer look at Lake Yambo
At a distance, there's an old man making some charcoal, we asked him where exactly our feet brought us, he said we're already at Nagcarlan. Whoa, again! Only then we realized that we have taken the Sulsugin Trail and done a traverse of Mt. Mabilog. Well, I'm not really sure if I can call it a traverse because at one point, both the Sto. Anghel trail (our entry trail) and Sulsugin trail (our exit trail) converges.

trail head to Mt. Mabilog via Sulsugin
When we asked the good old man how we can get back to San Pablo City, he offered us a tricycle ride to town of Nagcarlan (big thanks kay manong). Then from Nagcarlan town, we rode a jeep to San Pablo City. Luckily, our group was still at the jump-off of Sto. Anghel trail and Doc Gideon and I were able to caught up with them.

This unexpected traverse made my 30th mountain truly a memorable one.


Done with my 30th mountain

This mountain adventure is part of Trail Adventours and Pinoy Mountaineer's Twin Dayhikes 4.

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Special thanks to Coby Sarreal and Pinoy Mountaineer

I also joined Trail Adventours' Pulag climb. You may also want to check it out.

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  1. ang ganda ng mga pictures Ivan, gone are the days na cguro yung rebel infestation sa Nagcarlan, meron man o wala, as mountaineers eh hayaan na natin sila :)

    parang big brother talaga si sir Gid, you feel safe pag siya ang kasama sa climb, ang sarap ng adventure ha!! great climb & memorable!



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