Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maragondon Heritage Tour

People knows Rizal died on the 30th of December 1896 and Ninoy on 21st of August 1983. But only a few knows that on this very day, May 10, we are commemorating the 115th death anniversary of Andres Bonifacio. It is sad that this important date in our history usually go unnoticed. 

Exactly 115 years ago, Andres Bonifacio lost in the game of politics in the First Philippine Republic. After being tried with treason and sedition by an unjust military court that was manipulated by Aguinaldo's men, the Supremo and his brother were tragically executed somewhere in the mountains of Maragondon.

Our journey to Maragondon, Cavite more than a month ago aimed to trace the final trail of Andres Bonifacio. Part of this heritage tour is the Bonifacio Trial House, Bonifacio Shrine in Nagpatong, Mt. Buntis, as well as the old Maragondon Church which is a National Cultural Treasure.


The Historical Mountain

For a very long time, almost all history books tell that Andres Bonifacio fell in the hands of a Lazaro Macapagal on Mt. Buntis. The Bonifacio brothers were shot (sabi pa nga tumakas pa daw si Andres pero nahabol pa rin) and were buried at the foot of this mountain. But until now, many historians doubts this claim. some say that the execution took place in Mt. Nagpatong and not on Mt. Buntis

view from the summit of Mt. Buntis
This was our first destination during our visit in Maragondon. Hiking up this historical mountain wasn't really a big ordeal, the trail was easy (mostly on flat terrain), and can be finished in less than two hours. Read my mountain post re: Mt. Buntis.

The Shrine

A shrine dedicated to Andres Bonifacio was built on the foot of Mt. Nagpatong (a neighboring mountain of Mt. Buntis). We visited this shrine after we climbed up Mt. Buntis. Thanks to Kuya Freddie, the man we met at the summit of Mt. Buntis, for guiding our way to this shrine. I'm telling you, reaching the shrine from Mt. Buntis wasn't easy, its trail is very confusing (getting a guide is highly recommended).

We found this gated shrine (it has an entrance fee of P20) at the end of a concrete road. A mural depicting the life of Andres Bonifacio from the foundation of the Katipunan to his tragic execution is the highlight of this place. A historical marker found on site says that the execution of the Bonifacio brothers happened on Mt. Nagpatong and not in Mt. Buntis.

The Church

This old Church of Maragondon was built by the Jesuits in 1618. It boasts its colonial architecture and intricately carved wooden door. In 2001, this church was designated as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum.

a National Cultural Treasure
this wooden door has an intricate carving
the church is under a major renovation, this centuries old edifice is being covered with a white plaster - their way of preserving the old structure.
This church is easy to be found, located at the center of the town.

The Trial House 

A few walk from the church is this old house where Bonifacio and his brother Procopio were unjustly tried. Owned by Teodorico Reyes, it was a house built in 1889.

The house is now a museum, displaying a collection of First Republic artifacts, including a bolo believed to be Bonifacio's. It also houses the life-size statues that depicts the actual scene during the trial of the Bonifacio brothers.

life-sized statues depicting the actual scene 115 years ago.
There's no required fee if you wish to enter this historical house, but a box there is waiting for your kind donation.


  1. Very classic set up.. Nagiging historical na nag mga bloggers :)

  2. I really really really love historical sites. I-share ko to sa page ko ha Ivan :-)

  3. Napakagreen minded ko talaga. I was smiling when I read Mt. Nagpatong tapos nasundan ng Mt. Buntis. LOL to that :D

    1. Meron pa dating Caputatan, San Miguel na ang pangalan; Meron ding Pantihan.

  4. We did this for our Philippine History field trip and we "supposedly" tracked up the trail that the bonis did as they were walking up to their own execution. it was muddy, it was icky, it was slippery - yet it was one of the most humid days on the planet. I look forward to doing the rest of the sites too

  5. marami din daw mga ancestral houses jan? would love to visit maragondon minsan :)

  6. I really appreciate the Bonifacio Trial House. It is not only beautiful, but also historical. We visited the trial house and the Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion last month. I learned a lot. :)

    I look forward to more of your visits to historical sites. May God bless you.

  7. may I know how did you get there?

  8. Yung mga nabanggit kong 2 lugar mga lugar yon sa Maragondon,Cavite.



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