Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Side Trip to Malibiclibic Falls

Our full-day adventure in Cavite was not over yet. After being warped to the era of the Philippine Revolution (you might as well want to experience the same thing by visiting the town of Maragondon), all paths lead to Malibiclibic Falls - a falls not so popular located in the town of Aguinaldo.


Twelve noon at the town of Maragondon, we were lunching in a carinderia somewhere while experiencing the excruciating hotness of a summer day (WTF, nanglilimahid talaga kami sa init). We all wanted a refreshing escape. So Josh suggested Malibiclibic Falls, a waterfalls located in the nearby town of Aguinaldo.

So we made our way to Aguinaldo. From Maragondon, we traveled by jeep to Naic. Then from Naic, we again traveled by jeep to Brgy. Lumipa in Aguinaldo (travel time was about an hour for P34.00). 

the main jump-off to Malibiclibic Falls

We were clueless on the exact location of this falls so we asked the tambays (yup mga tambay na nag-iinuman sa kalagitnaan ng araw) how we can get there. An old tanod approached us and directed us to the Barangay Hall a few meters from their drinking session.

A very accommodating on duty officer welcomed and answered our queries. At first, we were eager to go there on our own and will just ask for directions, but the officer discouraged us and kept on telling that getting there wasn't easy, we might get lost, or baka daw "mapagtripan kami ng mga dayo." Reasons, reasons...alright, I know it's for our safety naman so we agreed to get a guide from them (of course there's a fee, we paid P200).

A tanod who happened to own a tricycle was our guide (I forgot his name). Thanks to him, the 30 minutes trek to the falls was cut to only about 15 minutes (dahil hinatid nga kami ni manong tanod gamit ang kanyang tricycle, oh yeah!)

The trail to the falls was so-so, not that difficult but not so easy as well. It involves a steep descent, big rocks hopping and tree branch clinging. In just about 10 minutes, we reached Malibiclibic Falls.

the Malibiclibic Falls
there's a cave on its right
Set between two high cliffs, Malibiclibic falls which is about 3 meters high cascades strongly into a wide pool in the middle of a lush green forest. There's even a cave near the falls which according to Kuya Tanod was explorable if we have the proper gears.

Syempre we did not let this opportunity pass, we bathed like the gods and nymphs of the rivers. Woohoo! We spent about an hour refreshing at the waters of Malibiclibic falls.

meet the gang - PKP (Panik Kabataang Pinoy).
Photo from Sir Anthony

We wanted to spend more time, but we really had to go because we still had to catch the last trip back to Naic. It was a short but fun stay at Malibiclibic Falls.

When we're back at the Barangay Hall, they allowed us to use their shower so we could freshen up, they even served us hot coffee (awesome). Thanks so much to these good and welcoming people of Brgy. Lumipa.

At around 6pm, we were able to catch the last trip to Naic. But it was a torture, we were uncomfortably hanging at the back of the jeep (for about 30 minutes), tsk tsk, but its ok, at least we're already on our way back to Manila.

 Getting into this falls is as easy as 1-2-3. 

  1. Go to Naic, look for the Jeepney Terminal bound for the Town of Aguinaldo,
  2. Alight at Brgy. Lumipa (fare to Brgy. Lumipa is P34.00)
  3. Trek to the falls 



  1. It's good the tambays did not ask/force/intimidate you to join them in their drinking session.

  2. agree with bertN. hihihi! Sa probinsya pa naman mahirap silang tanggihan. Grabe, susuungin talaga ang lahat for the love of nature. Good job Ivan. Take care!

  3. Refreshing side trip! Natawa ako sa "we bathed like the gods and nymphs".

  4. wow naman.. never got the chance to swim in a waterfalls. ang poporma niyo naman..hehe

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    1. Thanks Jan Ashlee, sige I'll visit your site. cheers to more traveling.

  7. Huwaw Malibiclibic... ganda naman po. Di ko alam na may magandang waterfalls pala sa Cavite. Ok po ba yun tubig jan...i mean malinis? Di ba delikado mag-swim dun sa gitna ng lagoon...mukhang nakakatakot kc....

  8. Good read! This gave us an idea on what to expect 'cause we're also planning on going to that "hidden paradise". Please check out my blog: Hopefully, I could post something about this place after my visit and add a link to this informative article. More power!

  9. Can we camp at the falls? Thankyou

  10. Hi Ivan, I also have a travel blog but yours is different because I have not visited yet this water falls. I am excited to visit this maybe any day of may 2016.

  11. I suggest you also visit and follow my blog at for an exchange of ideas or updates. Thanks.



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