Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mt. Pulag (Ambangeg Trail) | En Route to My Dream

I'm almost there, just a few more steps to the summit, so I ran as fast as I could. Suddenly I found myself floating in a sea of clouds, surrounded by a battalion of angels. They were rejoicing, singing and dancing and playing with their golden trumpets. Inside me was an inexplicable delight...  

"Terminal na po! Terminal na po!" - Victory Liner Bus Conductor upon reaching the City of Pines

Oh, it was just a dream... the same old Pulag Dream I've been dreaming for eversince I fell in love with the mountains. To see the sea of clouds slowly engulfing the grassy summit of Mt. Pulag, to witness the sun battling the darkness on a breakday, to feel the cold breeze that would numb every inch of my body, to proudly stand on top of Luzon's highest - that's my Pulag dream.
"Hey Ivan, top load your bags when you're ready, the red one is our jeep" - Osep, the Team Leader
Alright, I'm with a group of strangers who probably share the same dream as mine. We're all excited, our destination - Kabayan, Benguet.

"Who wants to top load" - Osep
Yes to topload (again).  Cordillera's finest views can only be seen on a topload ride. I must not miss this chance (again). Slopes, river, and zigzag road dominate the view. I even had an awesome glimpse on the awesome-looking Ambuklao Dam. Yes it's hot on top, but my wide-brimmed hat did the trick. Doing a topload, is it worth the risk? It sure is. I can say that every topload experience I had on the roads of Cordillera is truly rewarding.  

About 1.5 hours was spent on top, and I shared it with 5 other adventure-loving souls. Congrats to their first topload ride.

"Everyone is required to watch this presentation before climbing Mt. Pulag" - Orientation Master at the DENR office.
Leave no trace principle, that's the core of the orientation! The mountaineers' credo. I always practice this principle in all my climbs and I strongly believe that everyone must do so as well, even in the urban jungle. She [the orientation master] is funny, I like the way she discusses the things to remember, bravo. After about an hour, we proceeded next to the ranger station via a rough road, and I really mean ROUGH ROAD.  

"Porter mam/sir?" - Porters at the jump-off 
I got dizzy from that rough road ride. But thank God, I arrived safely at the main jump-off. I started to prepare my bag, which is quite heavy at 8 kilos. A lot of porters stand by, waiting for potential costumers aka 'the weaklings'. I am a weakling, but I won't be needing a porter this time, not that I want to brag, it's just that I really can't afford it (LOL). So I began the trek (via Ambangeg trail). The sky doesn't look promising, but I'm still hoping that I'll experience my Pulag Dream.

This is a preview post for my Mt. Pulag Hike (via Ambangeg Trail) last May 26-27, 2012. The climb I never thought to happen so soon. My big thanks to Trail Adventours and Sir Gideon of Pinoy Mountaineer.

Continue reading here: Mt. Pulag (Ambangeg Trail) | The Trail, The Camp, and The Jaw-dropping Summit View


  1. Congrats Ivan! Cheers to the Mt. Pulag Dream! :)

  2. i'm saving the whole web page, para basahin ko na lang sa idle time ko.

  3. wow eto ba yung susugod ng walang bala? congrats ivan!

  4. wow! kakaingit naman. :] Pulag is still on the mountain-to-climb bucketlist. I hope I can get there someday.

    Congrats Sir!

    1. i'm sure you'll be able to do it/ mahaba pa ang panahon.

  5. OMG, my dream mountain! Congratz! I wish I am there too! Soon soon soon... hays...

  6. You were there a week after we left! Dapat pala nakisuyo ako sa certificate na naiwan namin sa DENR office! Hahaha! Congrats tukayo for living the Pulag dream! More mountains! More climbs! More adventures!

    ~ Ivan, The BACKPACKERS

  7. grats ivan :) pulag is one of the best places in the country.

  8. Nice!!! COngrats!! Sana marating q din yan ;)

  9. Hope to see you again ivan in your future climbs with trail ad!

  10. "A lot of porters stand by, waiting for potential costumers aka 'the weaklings'. " -- I find this statement somewhat judgmental. To carry one's bag or have someone carry it is an option not only based on one's physical capacity to carry it nor to finance the service. Kindly note that I am giving this feedback so as not to dissuade newbie climbers in hiring those porters nor in climbing Mt. Pulag at all having the notion of being tagged as a "weakling" should they not be able to carry their own pack. A little sensitivity please for PWDs. Anyhow, thank you for sharing this Mt. Pulag experience. I appreciate it.

    1. you're right, my bad. did not realize that because I was just thinking of my own weakness.

  11. sir ask ko lang magkano rate ng guide at proter dun? magkaiba pa ba un porter nila at guide nila or isang tao lng?



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