Friday, October 19, 2012

No Ghost At Diplomat Hotel

no ghost at least during our visit...

Considered as one of the famous haunted places in Baguio City, for sure you've heard a lot stories about Diplomat Hotel, stories related to ghosts, possessions and other spooky apparitions. And because of it, this old neglected building has been a favorite site by individuals who are up for some ghostly activities.

I've been wanting to visit this place ever since I knew about it. I don't have a third eye whatsoever, but I really find visiting this place very interesting. Lucky me, I was able to join two of Azalea residences sponsored a trips to this place, ooyeah!

the building's facade
this building is undergoing a major renovation, sooner or later it will look brand new again.
Twice I've been to this place, both in broad daylight but no ghost or any creepy thing showed before us. What we saw was just an old building full of vandalism, and now under a major renovation.

Old Diplomat Hotel is a heritage building situated on top of Dominican Hill in Baguio City. History has it that back in the early 20th century, it was a rectory of the Dominican priests. Later on, it was transformed into a school, then back to being a rectory. Then by the time the second world war broke out, Baguio City was heavily shelled and set on fire. Most of its buildings, including the old Diplomat building, were not spared by the war.

the hotel's lobby
By 1973, the old building was transformed by Diplomat Hotel Corporation into a hotel but it lasted only until 1987. Since then, the old rectory turned school turned rectory again turned hotel was left to rot, and soon it became the haunted building we know today.

there are also two old fountains inside the hotel
vandalism on the wall.
whoever wrote this, he's telling the truth
the rooftop is a good vantage point to view most of Baguio City
Right now, Baguio City has been pushing this heritage site for tourism. They've been working for the preservation of the building and soon turn it into another tourist hotspot. woohoo.

If you wish to visit this place, it's open for public from 8am until 5pm everyday.


This trip was sponsored by Azalea Residences, our favorite hotel in Baguio City.


  1. hay naku mas natakot ako sa ichura ng nago-ghost hunting dati. hahah! Kailangan talaga itim na itim ang suot?!?! Hindi ba lalapit ang multo pag puti? Emo lang ang peg nina kuya. hahah!

  2. For some reason hindi nasabi sakin yan ng nagtour sakin, that's why on my next "grand trip" I'll visit this early morning yung medyo madilim dilim pa para makita ko at makapag-observe and take pictures!

  3. Er...What language you guys are conversing in? I can see the word 'Hindi' popping up twice above. But it's not Hindi you are speaking. I am an Indian. I should know. :P
    Nice post, by the way.

    1. I'm sorry, but we're speaking Filipino Language. "hindi" in English means no :)



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