Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baguio Weekend Trip

I together with some travel bloggers, were tasked to capture the beauty of Baguio City, and we were given only a weekend to do this. Azalea Residences, one of the freshest hotels in the city, wants us to visit and experience the sites in and nearby Baguio City that will be included in their tour packages that will be available soon.

I've been to the city of pines quite a number of times but I still can't get enough of the city. Alam kong meron at meron pa rin akong hndi napupuntahan sa lugar na'to. And I am very much excited and eager to discover and experience something new.

Dubbed as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines", people who are seeking a cool escape would never ran out places to visit, food to munch, activities to try and scenery to see when they're in Baguio. It's a big touristy city that's getting even bigger and more touristy.

On our full packed three-day trip, we visited the following:

1. Bell Church

Our first stop was this Taoist Temple located at the edge of Baguio City (near the La Trinidad-Baguio border arch).  Everything on this place suits so well with its serene and tranquil ambiance. People who are longing for calm escape must not miss Bell Church. Please be reminded though that this place is still a temple, bawal ang pasaway.  

2. Benguet Provincial Capitol

We then headed next to Benguet Provincial Capitol, a building set on top of a hill which overlooks the province's capital town of La Trinidad. One can enjoy the scenery of a busy town during the day, and the attractive city lights of Baguio during nighttime.

3. Strawberry Farm

Not too far from the provincial capitol is the strawberry farm. Of course you'll find here one of the most coveted fruits in the country. Either you buy it from the fruit stand or pick it up yourself in the field. You might also want to try strawberry taho and strawberry ice cream found also at the place. Take note that you'll not find strawberries at all times, December to March is the season of strawberries.

4. Rose Farm

Further up north is the rose farm where most of the flowers we buy in Dangwa Manila are taken from. The field is filled with flowering plants such as mums, daisies and, of course, roses, and can look extremely terrific when they are in full bloom (medyo fail yung punta namin kasi kakaharvest lang ng flowers). Visitors can buy here either the freshly picked flowers or whole plants in pots. February and end of October are the best times to go here.

5. Ketchup Community

For foodies, don't miss the newest food hub in town. Just across Wright Park, Ketchup Community will bring you a variety of Asian flavors. Malaysian, Thai, Filipino and Cantonese are among your choices. We had our lunch here and I enjoyed it a lot.

6. Wright Park

This magnificent-looking recreational facility that fronts the Mansion is named after Gov. Luke E. Wright, the man who ordered Daniel Burnham to plan a recreational city (na ngayon ay kilala na bilang Baguio City) for the American soldiers and civilians in the Philippines. People wants to do horseback riding (maraming kabayo na color pink) or simply stroll around a beautiful landscape, then the Wright Park is the right place for you. 

7. The Mansion

As its name suggests, this building is indeed the finest and most luxurious residence in the city of pines. Ito lang naman official residence ng Philippine Presidents sa Baguio. When you visit this place, don't let pass the opportunity of doing jump shots in front of it.   

8. Mines View Park

Not just a great view deck that overlooks the mining activities in Benguet, it is also a place to spend cash for great pasalubongs and souvenirs. The famous and sturdy Baguio Walis, the funny Barrel Man, the Baguio sweets such as sundot-kulangot, peanut brittle and uber jam, are all found here. You can also pose beside St. Bernards for a fee.

9. Mt. Sto. Tomas

Probably the closest hikable mountain in Baguio City is Mt. Sto. Tomas. This place is for the individuals who are more adventurous and wants to get high. On top, if the day is very clear, one can enjoy a view of the whole Baguio City. Follow the story of our hike in this link.

10. Bencab Museum

If you know National Artist Ben Cabrera and you're a fan of his works, then a visit to his museum will surely delight you. Many of his world-class artworks are exhibited here, along with the works of the not so popular artists which are also exquisitely beautiful. There's also a cafe under the museum, Cafe Sabel, which is not to be missed. (BTW, isa sa mga paborito kong kainan ang Cafe Sabel when I'm in Baguio dahil sobrang sarap lang ng food)

11. Burnham Park

Baguio's central park is named after the famous city planner. It's a wide open park where the people can enjoy biking, boating, strolling or jogging. There are also food vendors on the side so food tripping is a possibility here. 

12. Diplomat Hotel

The old Diplomat Hotel has been the subject of many urban legends in Baguio City. It's a beautiful building that has fallen into neglect which according to some is now haunted by ghosts and spirits. From 8am to 5pm, the site is open to public, its top floor is great vantage point to view the city of pines. 

13. Ambuklao Dam

Baguio's source of electricity is also an interesting place to kill your time. A road trip with your friends to this big dam can be an awesome way to see the beauty of Benguet's mountains and landscape. Check out on this link our road trip to this dam.

Baguio City is just 6 hours away from Manila, very accessible and easy to commute. And once you're there, you can easily access and enjoy these tourist spots on your own (Do-it-Yourself tours). But if you have a budget naman and don't want the hassle of creating itineraries and stuff, then I suggest that you avail Azalea Hotel's coolest tour packages. They will offer you the places mentioned above and it's all up to you which among the list you'll want to visit.


  1. Sayang hindi ako natuloy dito :( I'll take note of the destinations na napuntahan nyo at pupuntahan ko rin =))

  2. Can't wait to go back to Baguio, gusto ko din puntahan ang Ambuklao Dam! :D

  3. kainggit......... gusto ko yung wright park, ambuklao dam saka mt. sto. tomas....

  4. wow! in just three days? kamusta naman ang R&R nyo sa azalea? :)

  5. I live in Singapre, but I don't like it there. Thats why I go oon weekend getawy every weekend. My perfect destination is Philippiines, you have really amazing country. I never been to Baguio, but watching the pics I think I will like it there.



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