Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Conquered the Corregidor Adventour Challenge

Sun Cruises now offers the Corregidor Adventour Challenge, a different, a not-the-usual trip in the Island of Corregidor. Adventour because you'll get to know the island while doing the challenging activities that will test your endurance, mental skills and teamwork. Traveling while learning and being challenged at the same time is really awesome. I am one of the few lucky bloggers to give it a try (this is a sponsored trip by Sun Cruises with the help of Mr. Ivan Henares and Mr. Bobby Aquino).

Before the challenge started, they gave each one of us a free "I Conqured Corregidor" shirt. Then we were divided into two teams, the Red Horse Team and the Orange Jumpshot Team.

Photo from Aleah. The Team Red Horse on action.

The Red Horse Team:
Ada Lajara
CA de Ramos
Lloyd the Lostboy
Marcos Caratao
Marinelle de Leon
Roman Leo Reyman

Photo from Aleah. The Team Orange Jumpshot

The Orange Jumpshot Team:
Ian de la Peña
Chinchan Lakwatsero
Nicely Rom
Mica Rodriguez
Aleah Phils

From 10:00 in the morning until 12:45 noon, we ran, we climb, we solved puzzles, we followed trails, we ran again, we entered dark tunnels, we pose (thanks to our guide - so good photographer) and did jumpshots, we climb the top of the lighthouse, and we crossed the jungles. Woohoo, that was a so great experience. The following photos are from Aleah of

*Spoiler Alert!, one phase there will totally bleed your mind to death, the Mind Bending Puzzles of the Red Cross Hospital. Try to solve this: 54 P.C. in a D. plus a J., what is it?

Who won the challenge then? *drumroll please* Orange Jumpshot Team. Yay we won!

Team Orange Jumpshot
After the challenging Corregidor Adventure Challenge, our tummies were starting to make himagsik. Our next stop was the buffet lunch at Corregidor Inn. I ♥ the carbonara. Their pandan drink with jellies is good too.

I thought we'll board the cruise back to Manila after the satisfying buffet lunch, but no, we're still not done yet with the Zipline woohoo!! It was my first zipline experience, and I admit super kinabahan ako nung una, but as I feel the experience, booyeah, that was superb.

Ms. CA of Adventurousfeet
Chinchan of

Unfortunately, we cannot stay there any further, our cruise to Manila arrived. We left the island at 2:30 PM, bringing with us a great island experience.

(detailed post here.)

If you're an adventure loving person and finds this activity fun and exciting, feel free to visit Sun Cruises' site here. Surely you'll definitely love it. No regrets. Go now! Book your Corregidor Adventour.



  1. wow! an saya nman nito! sayang tlga! badtrip na work! hahaha! :)

  2. wow may special pic ako! yey! thanks sa shot ivan! sa weekend nako magupload ng pics natin! :)

  3. @ms Tina, baka po meron pa next time.. sama na kayo.
    @ ms CA, galing po lahat yun sa album ni ms. Aleah :)

  4. THANKS I Love the article . great write ups =) Ang alam ko may close up ako dun sa zipline hihihi at halatang takot ako nun hihihi

  5. Ang saya! :D It was nice meeting you and the rest of the PTB team. Galing ng group natin hehe :P Sana more lakwatsas for us all weeee :D

  6. @chinchan, ewan ko lang hind ko alam kung kaninong cam yun.
    @ms mica, nice meeting you to. sana nga may mga lakwatsa pa uli for PTB. :)

  7. Love that jumpshot! Wish I had your energy. You guys certainly had fun time on first meet-up. That's great. Go celebrate life! (And keep writing)

    Tita L

  8. gud day

    ibig sbihn wala ganito sa tour ng sun cruise db sir? iba yung gnwa nyo at iba sa guided tour ng sun cruise?am i right?

    magnda sana kung gnito din yun ibibigay nla na tour hehehe

    pero mukhang magnda jan.try ko i visit yan place n yan this sept..cguro,


  9. hi anonymous, suncruise offers both the Adventure Challenge and Classic Corregidor Tour. Depende po sa inyo kung alin ang pipiliin nyo. same price lang din nmn.



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