Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting Ready For Piyestang Obando

On May 17-19, the famous Obando Fertility Rites or simply Obando Festival will again be the center of attention. Obando?! Where exactly in Bulacan? I am not familiar with its exact location really or how to reach it by commute. So before the main event takes place, I did a little familiarization tour.

I asked some fellow bloggers on how to get there, and they really are of great help.

From Manila, I went first to Victory Mall at Monumento, Caloocan via LRT Line1 (P15). At the back of the mall, there's a terminal of jeep bound to Paco, and these jeeps will pass by the Obando Church. It was like a 20 minute ride from Victory Mall to Obando Church (P15).

However, the church is closed when I got there at around 2:30 PM so I was not able to check the inside.

Across the street is the plaza and beside it is the Colegio de San Pascual Baylon. I can't imagine how many visitors will fill the area on the day of the feast.

After eating the banana-q I bought on the food stand at the plaza, I hopped into the jeep (bound to LRT-Victory Mall) going back to Manila. Yey, I'm ready for the fiesta na.

Here's my Obando Fiesta (2011) Experience.



  1. whoa, excited! ^_^
    btw, you need to know, kapag fiesta, hanggang OEG grocery store lang yung jeep. hindi aabot ng church. well, fmailiar kna naman, lakarin mo nalang.

  2. salamat sa tip ms chyng.. hahah.. excited na talga ako. woohoo

  3. wait, sa May 17-19, everyday may sayaw? parang sarap nga manuod ha! di rin pala siya ganun kalayo!

  4. opo sir jerik... umaatikabong sayawan ng mga gustong mgka-anak.

  5. when po yung araw ng sayaw? kelan ba yung feast ni san pascual de baylon? what tie po ba nag start yung sayaw?

  6. Anonymous.. nako pasensya na.. haha hindi ko pa din alam yung sched ng upcming fiesta.. bsta from May 17-19 meron sayawan yun..

  7. sama akooooo .. lol .. i wanna witness it .. do you have any idea kung mga anong oras kaya?

  8. Nice post!
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