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Viaje Marinduque | The Heart of the Philippines

Marinduque is an island province, south of Luzon, part of Region IV-B (MIMAROPA). It is famously known as the heart of the Philippines not just because of its strategical location at the center of the country but also the island's shape itself is similar to that of a heart (anatomical).

I spent my holy week vacation on this island, my very first solo travel, and for four days I called it my home. Nervous at first indeed but extremely overwhelmed by excitement and the experience that awaits me. And I'm telling you, a 4 Holy Week days stay at Marinduque is worthwhile.

What I discovered

  • The Island Of Marinduque - the heart-shaped island is divided into 6 municipalities namely: Boac (its capital), Mogpog, Sta. Cruz, Torrijos, Buenavista, and Gasan.

  • Reaching the Island of Marinduque - people may reach the place via air or sea. Its seaports are located at Boac (Cawit Port), Mogpog (Balanacan Port), and Sta. Cruz (Buyabod Port), while its lone airport is located at Gasan (Marinduque Airport). By sea, if you're coming from Luzon Island, the port of Lucena is the gateway to the island. By air, only Zest Airways offers a trip to this island.

traveling by sea suits best for my budget

What I did

  • Waterfalls Experience - unfortunately for me, I only visited one of the many waterfalls that this island can offer.

Kawa-kawa Falls of Sta. Cruz

  • Hunted the Morions of Sta. Cruz - during Holy Week, the Moriones festival is celebrated throughout the province. Every town has its own Moriones Festival. Some are traditional and others are festive. The town Sta. Cruz's Moriones Festival is a traditional type.

a morion at Sta. Cruz
  • Jeepney Topload - Booyeah!!! my very first jeepney topload ride happened here in this island.

jeepney topload at Mogpog
  • Walk Tour in Boac - exploring a province's capital is a must-do for me.

Boac's Municipal hall Casa Real
  • Old Church Visit - Marinduque has 2 old churches to offer: the Sta. Cruz Church and the Boac Cathedral
Sta. Cruz Church's inside

  • Beach Bumming - the white sand beach of Poctoy in Torrijos is an ideal place to do this activity.

white sand beach of Poctoy, Torrijos

What I missed

  • Gasan and Buenavista - I was not able to exlpore these two western towns of Marinduque.
  • The Caves - according to the locals, exploring the caves is not safe during holy week (patay daw kasi si Hesus). So I missed this cave adventure in Bathala Cave, San Isidro Cave, Duyay Cave and Tarug Cave

  • The Other Falls - I also missed this waterfalls adventure (same reason as the cave adventure) in Kabugsukan Falls, Bulusukan Falls, Paadjao Falls, and Bagakawa Falls.

  • Tres Reyes Island - this group of islands named after Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar (the tree magi) is found on the town of Gasan.

  • Mountain Climbing - still missed the chance of my first mountain climb at Mt. Malindig and reaching the Luzon Datum of 1911.
view of Mt. Malindig from Poctoy Beach

What I ate

  • Boac Bibingka (Boac) - this is a must-eat bibingka, not the usual taste we have in other parts of the country
Boac bibingka
  • Uraro Cookies (Sta. Cruz) - only in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, cookies made from Uraro (Arrowroot). My advice, eat it with water on your side (super nakakatuyo ng lalamunan)

Uraro cookies
  • Paho (Sta. Cruz) - this weird food tastes weird too, it's like an ensaladang manggang hilaw but a mapakla version.

the Marinduqueños love this
  • Dadi (Sta. Cruz) - if there's a "mami", there should also be a "dadi"

"Dadi" - sadly there's no "anak"

What I learned

  • Traveling solo is fun too, freedom!
  • I also learned that all Marinduqueños are good, very friendly and happy people.

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  1. I miss uraro cookies. Ang cute heart shaped pa siya!

  2. Marinduqueños are really wonderful people... it's worth all the hardship before reaching the island on a holy week... =D

  3. congratulations, you did it! =)
    told you so, it's easy di ba?

    patok sakin yang DADI ha. ano lasa ni Dadi? LOL

  4. by the way, the 6th photo is Casa Real, not the Municipal Hall... the municipal hall is on the other side... at first I also thought it's the municipal hall, until i asked some locals...

  5. I've always wanted to spend Holy Week here! *Jealous* :( May araw din sa 'kin ang Marinduque. Hihi.

  6. teka ano ang ingredients nun dadi?

    The Caves - according to the locals, exploring the caves is not safe during holy week (patay daw kasi si Hesus). So I missed this cave adventure in Bathala Cave, San Isidro Cave, Duyay Cave and Tarug Cave

    may ganun pala dito , may nag attempt din kaya na magpunta sa mga caves? kahit holyweek? nacurious lang ako. hihi

  7. @ms grace, hihi.. ako din namiss ko na sya,,

    @pinoy, tama.. ay gnun ba yun.. sige papalitan ko. haha

    @ms chyng, haha.. tama po.. ansarap magtavel ng solo... thanks sa tips mo lumakas yung loob ko.. yung dadi, haha.. parang mami lang din.. may egg nga lang..

    @ms gay, awww.. kaya mo yan :)

    @chinchan, yun nga.. mami lang na may egg. babalik ako someday kpag hindi na holy week.. gagwin ko yung cave at falls hopping.

  8. Congrats, Ivan! I am so proud of you, you made it!

  9. Aww.. beach, cave at waterfalls gusto ko ng gumala kaso wala pang budget hahahahah

  10. Kabugsakan Falls not from Marinduque :-) it is best to visit the falls during rainy reason or when there are lots of water Otherwise it's a bit dry. walking to the falls area would take 1 to 1.5 hours. Paadjao is 30 minute walk and has bigger basin than must try next time the "kare-kare" our own version of bopis.great with lotsa chilli, rice is a requirement though.Bibingka maybe the best but wait till you savor the "putong tinta" and the "panganan" (rice cookies)And do not miss the Sulfur Spring too.:-)

  11. Question po..san kayo nag stay during your trip in marinduque?



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