Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Picking Flowers

We, biologists, do love plants, especially its reproductive part called flower. Who would not love such thing, it's fragrant, it's colorful, and pleasant to the eyes. As if they were singing, "Oh pick me...♪♫," but no, not on public parks please. NO PICKING OF FLOWERS

Oh, pick me...♪♫♪
c'mon over, c'mon over baby..♫♪♫
Months ago, we were assigned to procure fresh specimen of different species of flowers. It's for the plant taxonomy ata, can't remember. It is very fortunate/unfortunate that my beloved Pamantasan is just a stone throw away from a park known as "Rizal Park."

My friends and I did a search for a flower of the plant species, katuray (Sesbania grandiflora) at the park and we found one. Beside it is a shrub filled with blue little flowers, my friend as if enchanted by the blue flower's beauty, picked one. We realized that it was not his day, a guard on patrol caught my friend and took him into their custody.
my friend being escorted to the custody

We were laughing to death when it happened. It was, however, his first offense, so after the 30 minute lecture he regained his freedom. 

The guilty suspect

Lesson learned: Never pick flowers of any public parks.



  1. I admire your knowledge Ivan :) Sana talaga sinunod ko ang gusto ko when I was in College. :C

  2. haha.. dermin. salamat.. buti na-untog ako nang maaga..



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