Friday, April 1, 2011

Jollibee ♥ Earth + PNR Rush Hour

Jollibee ♥ Earth

Plastic [n. plas-tik] - any of a group of synthetic or natural organic materials that may be shaped when soft and then hardened, including many types of resins, resinoids, polymers, cellulose derivatives, casein materials, and proteins: used in place of other materials, as glass, wood, and metals, in construction and decoration, for making many articles, as coatings, and, drawn into filaments, for weaving. online dictionary

Plastics are durable and flexible, but they contribute greatly in our community's disturbing garbage, in fact seventy percent of our landfills today are composed of plastics. They don't degrade so they're just there until the end of the world, not unless you burn them which is quite a very bad idea. 

Some businesses, Jollibee for example, support a plastic-free Earth. I just found out that their new style of wrapping foods for take out no longer use plastics. Yup, Jollibee is hopping their way to a better and a much cleaner environment. Great job.

I ♥ Jollibee
Logic applies:

Batang Lakwatsero ♥ Jollibee, but Jollibee ♥ Earth, therefore Batang Lakwatsero ♥ Earth. :)

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PNR Rush Hour

I went to Alabang this afternoon to make asikaso of my OJT at Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM). Sadly, this doctor who urgently summoned me for something I thought very important, came late. Unpunctuality really sucks, I hate it, coming on time is a show of respect to other people's time. And because of that, I was not able to go to my side trip in Libingan ng mga Bayani. Too bad the doctor arrived at 4:30 PM, the LNMB is open only until 5:00 PM, I ain't The Flash who can run it in the speed of light.

Bus is my usual transport from Manila to Alabang and vice versa, that's 35 pesos one way. However as I was walking towards the loading bay, an idea popped out of my mind to try the PNR train instead. Before I head to Alabang train station, I went first to Jollibee at Star Mall to buy a regular yum. I asked it for take out and to my surprise, they no longer use plastic to wrap my food. Very nice.

The next scheduled train will arrive at 5:05 PM, already rush hour (5 is the start of rush hour in Metro Manila). I quickly bought a ticket to Sta. Mesa, just 15 pesos. I said, wow, that's more than 50% off from the bus fare.

At exactly 5:05 PM, the train arrived. It was not so crowded when I embarked the train, I really thought that my 15 pesos was sulit to the max.

Warning!: PNR during Rush Hour is not for the maarte, and the enochlophobic. Not for the girly girls too.

The first three stations partially filled the train with passengers, medyo dikit tuhod na ang mga tao.

Upon reaching EDSA station, boom, the passengers flocked in. You can barely move your hands or your feet or any part of your body. Chest to chest confrontation (dibdiban ang labanan). I wanted to take a snapshot of the experience but taking my camera out of my pocket is impossible.

The situation got worse when the train reached Buendia Station. This time, it's hard to breath, I can no longer feel the AC's, and the smell - manggagawa scent. Para akong namamanata sa Poong Nazareno.  

I told the man in front of me that it was my first time to ride the train during rush hour, and I was shocked to feel that it was like that. He said that many will unload on Sta. Mesa Station. Whatda?! Hindi ko pala mararanasan ng kahit bahagya lamang ang kaluwagan sa tren. For more than 30 minutes, I was stuck in that sardinas train.

Whew, the train finally arrived at Sta. Mesa. I said to my self, "Finally, semi-fresh air to breath in."

Oh, by the way, unloading the train is another issue, you must be very cautious with your belongings, maraming mapagsamantala sa masikip na sitwasyon.

Before riding the train
After riding the train
Deformed Burger Yum.



  1. I once worked at Jollibee and that time, I was in awe how much styro, plastic cups, spoon and forks they dispose. It's good they opt to make their wrappings plastic free.

    Natawa ako dun sa Jollibee bag na may before and after na picture. hehe

    First time nga pala in your blog! :)

  2. first time reader,

    thanks for making my day - the time lapse of your paper bag.

    hope you dont mind me dropping by.

  3. hello chem guy.. (i hate chemistry) haha organic chem lang ang gusto ko.. anyways.. thank you for dropping by..

  4. oh Ivan. I will replace your deformed Yum. :D Anytime. Anywhere.



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