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Viaje Marinduque | Easter Sunday, Resurrection of the Thursday Madness

Who would not love viewing the sunrise?

As early as 5 in the morning, I was already out in the shores waiting for the rise of the majestic sun. The morning breeze was chilling indeed and the tides had already swallowed my balanced rocks from last night.

My point and shoot however, don't do well in dark shooting. The only remedy for its weakness is a stabilizer, a tripod perhaps. Sadly I don't have one, and my shaky hands can't provide the needed support. Lucky me, I found an empty noodles' cup (made it an improvised tripod). Set my camera facing the east and waited until the sky's color started to change. I was very excited to witness the Poctoy beach sunrise. In 3... 2...1.... the sun has has finally showed up.

early morning sunrise
still rising
cute scene, buti biglang may tumakbo
rising pa rin
beach volleyball is possible here
ayan na mataas na yung araw
thanks to this, my improvised tripod
The Poctoy White Sand Beach

Now that the sun has enlightened the beach of Poctoy, I started exploring its beauty, a beach photowalk. I walked eastward and to my surprise I saw the rocky side of the beach. The rocks vary in size, perfect for another rock balancing activity. So I made one again.

balanced rocks again, hehe, my work :)
rocky shore on the eastern part of the beach
dahil trending ang boat shots sa mga beach entry, hindi ako papahuli
I turned towards the west naman and walked the length of the pebbly shore of Poctoy beach where a great view of Mt. Malindig is seen. Shells and corals abound the pebbly shore, bagay sa mga shell collecting enthusiasts.

pebbly shore on the western side
corals, shells and a starfish I collected along the shore
view of Mt. Malindig

As I walked further west, I saw again the lively bar last night, this time it's a place of kayak rentals. P150 per hour.

Kayaks for rent, P150/hr
white sand on most part of the Poctoy beach
Before I dip myself into the crystal clear sea, nag timer photoshoot muna ako :)

wahaha, kunyare shell collector
whatda, bakat yung tshirt ko from yesterday's jeepney topload. nangitim na naman ako ng sobra. Nakalimutan ko na naman may sunblock nga pala akong dala
From 7:45 until 8:30 in the morning, I dived around, did back strokes, floating, and butterfly styles... syempre joke lang! Hindi kaya ako marunong lumangoy. What I really did was walking, running and plunging on the shallow sea. I even saw a small brown jellyfish swimming around and a lot of sea urchins hiding under the rocks.

look at the face, he's expressing something
beach bumming mode
the white sand beach of Poctoy, Torrijos
While swimming, something suddenly popped out of my mind, it was already Easter Sunday, may last day at Marinduque. I became worried with the schedule of the ferries sailing back to Lucena. So I asked the Teodoros if there are scheduled trips at Buyabod port, they answered me with uncertainty. They then told me that I might catch the 4 o'clock ferry in Balanacan Port in Mogpog instead.

Thinking about my trip back to Manila, I was no longer in mood to go swimming. I just slept na lang again under the large beach umbrella.

I slept for more than an hour and I was dry already. When I woke up, I saw the Teodoros kayaking, wow. Nainggit ako bigla pero talagang wala na ako sa mood to get wet again.

the Teodoros kayaking

At around 10:30 AM, we're already packing up. Loaded our things into the truck and finally we're back on the road.

price board, click the image to enlarge

We reached Sta. Cruz again at around 11:30 AM, I quickly made banlaw (nawala kasi yung tubig sa shower ng Poctoy Beach) and packed my things. I had a lunch first before I finally bid my goodbye to this very nice Teodoro family (nakakalungkot lang dahil wala man lang ako naibigay na token of appreciation).

By 1:30 PM, I hopped inside a shuttle service bound to Balanacan Port stationed in front of the Sta. Cruz church. It was a long road trip to the Port of Balanacan so I slept again during the whole trip.

The Port of Balanacan

When I reached the port at around 2:20 PM, I saw again the same scene I encountered last Thursday at the Lucena Port. Indeed it was the resurrection of the Thursday Madness. From 2 to 4 in the afternoon, I was in the ferry ticket line. Of course, I was not able to catch the 4 o'clock trip, so the ticket I bought was for the 6:00 PM trip (grabe iniisip ko talga kung anong oras ako makakabalik sa Manila, may OJT pa ako ng 8:00 kinabukasan).

After I paid the terminal fee, I went to the docking area. I saw there the Shrine of Biglang-awa, a tall statue of Mama Mary overlooking the whole Balanacan Port. I walked towards its feet, and felt the strong winds blowing on my face.

chaotic ferry ticket line
the Biglang-awa shrine
closer look
much closer look
the Balanacan natural harbor
boatmen by the sea
oops, babae pala, boatwoman
Minutes have passed (5:20 PM), and I saw the people starting to flock the docking area (waiting for the 6:00 ferry). My batteries both in my phone and in my camera died already. I then joined the crowd when I saw the StarHorse ferry approaching the dock.

Siksikan and tulakan, I still managed to board the ferry, kaya lang standing ovation mode ako. I was on the middle deck, near the railings. The ferry left for Lucena Port at 6:10 PM.

Fast Forward>>> After 4 hours of sailing, feeling the cold evening sea breeze and splashes from the huge waves, with no sitting break (actually nakatulog ako ng nakatayo), I finally reached again the port of Lucena.

I ran towards the buses waiting outside the port, I chose the Lucena Lines bound to Cubao-Kamias. Left for Manila at 10:30

Fast Forward>>> I reached Cubao at around 1:30 AM.

From Cubao I rode a jeep back to my crib, reached my home at around 2 AM, April 25.

End of my Marinduque Adventure.

Summary of expenses

shuttle service Sta. Cruz to Balanacan Port - P90
ferry Balanacan Port to Lucena Port - P221
bus Lucena to Cubao - P220.50
jeep Cubao to home - P14

Other expenses:
terminal fee - P12
drink - P30                                         

Total expense for Day 4 =  P587.50

Total Expense for the Whole Marinduque Trip = P1,740.50 plus an unforgettable priceless Marinduque Experience

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  1. nice shots I miss holy week at Marinduque and Easter Sunday is where everybody goes to the beach and my eyes are all over (bikini clad girls and awesome scenery). Miss the overflowing Rum in the town of Mogpog.

  2. Wahahaha!!! kaya kami Saturday pa lang umalis na kami ng Boac, mahirap makipag-siksikan sa dami ng gustong bumalik ng Manila eh... =D

  3. ganda ng shots ivan! cheers!

  4. @pinoy, hihi.. ang mahalaga nakauwi pa rin ako. :)

    @sir Ian, salamat :)

  5. gusto ko bigla umuwi ng marinduque.whahahha.. sama mo ko pag bumalik k marinduque.. papasyal kita sa alobo.. whahahah...

  6. oi jampol.. haha.. gulat nmn ako bigla ka nagkoment.. wahaha.. sige.. sa susunod senyo nmn ako makikitulog.. at ano yang alobo na yan?



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