Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mabuhay Aliwan Fiesta 2011

The drums were beating and the colors were dancing, the Aliwan Fiesta once again brought to Manila the dazzling performances and incredible beats of different festivities from all over the Philippines. The Aliwan festival showcases the best of Filipino fiestas, hence it known as the "Mother of All Fiestas." It is grand, it is colorful, it is so alive. It was my first time to watch the street dance, so talagang amazed na amazed ako.

I came to Quirino Grandstand at around 3:20 PM, everyone was getting ready for the street dance and the parade. Excited and amazed, I was eager to shoot and shoot the floats and the dancers preparing for the competition. I care not whether the sun will further burn my skin as long as I capture those colorful moments.

girls from the Calacatchara float
can't remember what festival this is, but certainly it's from Mindanao
sarimanok float of Padang-padang festival of Maguindanao
the float of the gorgeous Reynas of Aliwan 
posing mode, street dancer
Ibon Ebon street dancers
street dancers of Singkaban festival of Bulacan
At 4:00 PM, the street dance was about to start, my itchy feet then brought me to the photographer's corner in front of the panel of judges (lumarga na naman ako, 'feeling photographer' moment). I still shoot kahit na nanliliit na yung camera ko, wahaha. I have a good spot, so shooting was not a problem.

look at that, photographers

Now here's a run of the photos taken by me during the street dance:

Ibon Ebon Festival of Candaba, Pampanga

Ibon Ebon Festival of Candaba, Pampanga
Hermosa Festival of Zamboanga

Hermosa Festival of Zamboanga

Singkaban Festival of Bulacan

Singkaban Festival of Bulacan
Sosogon festival of Sorsogon City
Sosogon Festival of Sorsogon
Kapamagayon Festival of Maguindanao
Kapamagayon festival of Maguindanao
Calatchara Festival of Batangas
Calatchara Festival of Batangas

Kalimudan Festival of Sultan Kudarat

Kalimudan Fstival of Sultan Kudarat

Right after the performance of the Kalimudan Festival of Sultan Kudarat, the sun was starting to hide behind the clouds and it was starting to get dark, my most feared moment. My camera is not good for night shooting.

Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribo Pan-ay
Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribo Pan-ay
Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribo Pan-ay
Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribo Pan-ay
Kadayawan Festival of Davao
Suralla Festival of South Cotabato

The following photos were taken during the bitter times of twilight before evening until the darkness covered the sky.

Halamanan Festival of Guiguinto, Bulacan
Halamanan Festival of Guiguinto, Bulacan
Padang-padang Festival of Maguindanao
Panagbenga Festival of Baguio
Kalilangan Festival of Gen. Santos
Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribu Pantat
Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribu Pantat
Another headache popped out, my batteries were dying (buti na lang umabot pa rin sa huling performance).

Pandang Gitab of Oriental Mindoro

I have no good photo of Quezon Province's Boling-boling Festival and Pasig City's Pakalog Festival.

My Judgment

The performances were really awesome! But for me, here's my top three:
  1. Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribu Pan-ay
  2. Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo, Tribu Pantat
  3. Calacatchara Festival of Batangas

The Dinagyang of Tribu Pan-ay was just too good, your jaws will drop and your eyes will pop. The beat of the drums will make your heart pound harder. Grabe talaga, I really want to go na to Iloilo and attend the actual Dinagyang Festival.

Another Dinagyang Festival from Iloilo was performed by a different tribe, the Tribu Pantat. That was awesome too. I really love the catfishes flying all over the place.

My third choice was the performance of Calatchara Festival of Batangas. Their dance focuses on the process of making an atchara, a native pampalasa composed of veggies soaked in vinegar.

It was already 7:50 in the evening when my batteries were already dead. I wanted to join sana the parade to Aliw theater in CCP but I am satisfied enough with what I witnessed. Hoorah! Mabuhay Aliwan 2011! Babalik ako next year pramis!

(Umuwi ako nang mabilis para mapanood ang fellow travel bloggers na sina sir James at ms. Claire, they were featured in one segment of Jessica Soho's show - woot woot, instant celebrity, pa-autograph naman)



  1. ang ganda, napakamakulay, napakasaya. sasama ako sa susunod na taon argh! -wih

  2. sinabi mo pa.. tlgang nag-uumapaw ang saya, tugtugin at makukulay na kasuotan nung araw na iyon.

  3. salamat po. maki-aliwan uli tayo next year!

  4. we almost met!
    nako may utang tlga ko sayo.. i need to treat you or give you something. after my bday, imeet kita =)

  5. hihi.. sayang nga ms Chyng, muntik na nga tayo magkita..

    sobra ako natutuwa :) salamat po ms chyng :)

  6. Great spot to shoot these photos from. Congrats! I was there too. I watched the spectacular performances from the bleachers of the Quirino Grandstand. I will surely be back next year!



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