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Viaje Marinduque | Blacker Black Saturday

April 23, 2011 - Black Saturday

It was still dark outside, probably 5 in the morning, everyone was awakened by a pig's loud cry. The Teodoros were tying the pig's feet, preparing it for it's meaningful and stomach-filling end. We all went outside to witness the slaughter. It was my second time to see a pig being slaughtered, so I was not reallly shocked that much by its strong kicks and cries.

the pig being tied, super ingay niyan, nagising ang buong bahay.

Fast Forward>>> Everyone was busy working, the women were cutting and peeling the vegetables, the men were cleaning and cutting the pig's meat and internal organs, the kids getting the needed equipment (knives, kaldero, chopping board, large kawa, etc), and me... ughh just sitting pretty, busy observing this wonderful family bonding.

By 8:00 AM, I went with Katherine, one of the Teodoros, to the public market. Supposedly, she was to accompany me at my Boac tour later but it seemed she can't because they were all so busy, so I asked her na lang the directions and the sakayan to Boac.

Level 3 Ride to Boac

At around 10:30 AM, I left the Teodoro house, went to the jeepney stop and waited for a jeep bound to Boac. After a few minutes, a jeepney came, full of passengers.
Level 1 Ride - seated inside
Level 2 Ride - sabit ride
Level 3 Ride - jeepney topload ride
level 2 ride, sabit sa jeep
sa sobrang inggit ko sa kanila napaakyat din ako sa taas
I tried the level 2 ride from Sta. Cruz to the bayan of Mogpog, two men were already doing the level 3 (sobrang naiinggit ako sa kanila kaya naman hindi ako nakatiis). Upon reaching the bayan of Mogpog, I climb up the roof of the jeep, the sun was at its peak releasing too much UVs (sabi ko sa sarili ko, meron naman akong sunblock e). When I checked my body bag, I don't have it with me pala, left it at my backpack in Sta. Cruz (ok, itiman moments again).

scenes from top of the jeep, who said rice terraces are only on Mt. Province
scenes from top of the jeep, a river flowing under the bridge

scenes from top of the jeep, at the town of Mogpog
While on top, I enjoyed the great views of mountains, tall coconut trees, and wide rice fields. I also enjoyed the heat of the 11:00 AM sun, (actually mararamdaman mo lang yung init if naka stop yung jeep, naneutralize kasi ng preskong hangin yung init ng araw). 

scenes from top of the jeep, entering the town of Boac

A Walktour in Boac

At 11:30 AM, I reached the bayan of Boac. I wasted no time since I have to get back to Sta. Cruz before 4:00 PM.

My first stop, the bilihan ng souvenir shirt. Tshirts at Boac Market would range from P140-250. I saw a lot of cool designs, kaya lang, there was no size fitted for my thin small body. I went to the kid's shirt and finally saw one. It costs P150.

shirts for sale
I then walked my way towards the town plaza. Saw there the Boac Museum and the Casa Real.

The entrance to the museum costs P10. You'll see there a lot antiques, masks, pictures and many other things that showcases the culture and history of the Island of Marinduque. Taking pictures inside is not allowed. I left the museum at exactly 12 nn.

Jose Rizal monument
I thought it's the municipal hall, but it's Casa Real
the Boac Museum
no picture taking beyond this divider
After taking some pictures of the white Rizal at the plaza, I saw a lot of morions still posing with tourists on a covered court there.There were so many morions there, seated and resting.

morion masks
a girl morion?
Across the street are the old houses of Boac. Like the old town of Vigan, the ground floors of the ancestral houses were turned into a commercial establishment (souvenir shops, cafeteria, or sari sari store).

old houses
old houses
old houses

old houses

I headed next to Boac cathedral which is situated on a higher ground (nakakhingal lakarin), it is made of stone and it is old. Its bell is displayed outside.  

the Boac cathedral
little history
the church's bell
inside the Boac Cathedral

It was lunch time already and I was already hungry, made me think of the Boac bibingka.

The Hunt for the Boac Bibingka

I asked one lady there where I could buy a Boac bibingka, she directed me to the public market, she also said that I won't easily find one since they're only cooking it during the cold mornings.

So I hurriedly walked my way to the market. The sun was really hot, my skin was burning. Along the way, I saw a "Marinduque Expo". Thinking that there might be a bibingka inside, I checked it and walked around. Unfortunately there was none, just souvenir shops.

Marinduque Expo, display of Marinduque's pride

I was quite tired of walking already when I reached the market. So I bought first a drink from a bakery there, I asked them if they know where the bibingkas are, they said I must ask the ones in the bigasan.

Not too far from the bakery, I asked the people in the bigasan. They pointed me inside the market, dadaan pa daw ako sa maliit na eskinita.

Upon reaching the eskinita, I asked an old lady where I could buy Boac bibingka, she said she's selling them.

Hoorah! I found it! The bibingkas were large and heavy, each costs P20, I bought 3.

the Boac bibingka
It was 12:40 PM, and I thought I was done with my Boac trip already. Then I saw an Internet Cafe, sabi ko mag-FB muna ako, I missed FB so much. I stayed there for 30 minutes while eating the bibingka. I was full already when I finished eating one bibingka, super heavy niya sa tiyan, and super sarap din, talagang iba yung lasa nya sa ibang bibingka na natikman ko.

When I was done with the computer, I heard sounds of wood clapping outside. I saw there a group of Morions caroling for money, I wanted to give them some sana kaya lang kuripot mode ako nung mga time na iyon.

caroling morions

I again rode a jeep back to Sta. Cruz, the jeep still has a few passengers inside, but I told the driver that I'd do a topload ride (wala na ako pakelam kahit umitim ako).

foreign tourists tried that level 3 jeepney ride
because my hands were busy taking pictures, I used my feet to lock me in place
tall coconut trees
on my way back to Sta. Cruz

It was already 1:30 PM, I still have a few hours before the call time of 4:00 PM at the Teodoros' house. So I decided to go first to the bayan of Sta. Cruz and explore it myself.  

The Town of Sta Cruz

The jeep dropped me in front of the Sta. Cruz church, it was 2:30 PM already. Far different from yesterday's crowd, the church now has a few visitors. The stone church looks old too, when I got inside, I've heard screeching sounds from the bats resting on the church's walls and ceiling.

Sta. Cruz Church
inside the Sta. Cruz Church
the altar
the ceiling
the bell tower
When I was satisfied enough with the church's oldness, I remembered that I wanted to buy nga pala the uraro cookies of Sta. Cruz. The Teodoros already told me that if I will buy uraro cookies, I must go to Rejano's.

Rejano's is the only bakeshop in Sta. Cruz that sell uraro cookies. It is a cookie made from the starch of the uraro (arrowroot). The bakeshop is located on the street to the right of the Sta. Cruz Church, ask the locals there and they definitely know where it is.

the heart-shaped uraro cookies of Rejano's

I bought a pack of uraro cookies (P80), the Teodoro's advised me to have a water ready beside me whenever I'm eating uraro cookies (sobrang nakakatuyo kasi ng lalamunan). My first bite was fantastic, it tastes almost the same with puto seco, but there is one thing I don't know that makes this uraro cookie unique.

I drank two bottles of Merinda Softdrink after devouring 6 uraro cookies I think. 

By 3:20 PM, I went back to the Teodoro's house. Everyone was busy preparing for the Poctoy beach night swimming, but I rested first.

Night Swimming at Poctoy Beach

our truck ride to Poctoy Beach
woohoo. lakas ng hangin
We left for the Poctoy beach at Torrijos by 5:45 PM, our ride was a truck. We enjoyed the road trip with jokes and a lot of laughter while being embraced by the cold night breeze. The beach is just an hour and a few minutes drive away from Sta. Cruz. We arrived at exactly 7:00 PM. They treated me so I paid no entrance fee.

welcome to Poctoy White Beach

We had a night picnic in a cottage there. We were eating already the meat of the pig they just killed this morning. Sobra akong nabusog. A very satisfying dinner.

food. yum yum

I cannot see yet the beauty of this beach since everything is covered by the night's darkness. After finishing my meal, I walked around the beach. I saw a bar, gift shops and karaoke houses. I am not a fan of night life so I just stayed by the beach collecting rocks and balancing them.

party party people
rock balancing is a fun activity
The kids then showed me various marine animals: sea urchin, star fishes and sea cucumber. It was low tide that time so marine animals were just near the shores.

small and large sea cucumber
star fishes
Hours had passed, already 10:00 PM. I am chilling with the beach's cold wind. I decided to stay na lang inside the cottage and there I slept all night.

End of day 3.

Summary of expenses

Jeep Sta Cruz to Boac - P47
Jeep Boac to Sta. Cruz - P47
Tricycle Sta. Cruz bayan to brgy. Landy - P13.50

Other expenses:
Souvenir Shirt - P150
Boac bibingka - (P20 x 3) P60
Boac Museum - P10
Uraro cookies - P80
drinks - P30                                                  

Total expense for Day 3 = P437.5

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  1. solid ng trip mo!! next year nasa to do list ko na to! ang cute ng maskara sana pala nagpabili ako sayo hehe. ginamit mo naman ba ang sunblock nung sumakay ka sa ibabaw ng jeep?! :)

  2. yun nga e.. haha.. naiwan ko yung sunblock sa tinutuluyan ko.... mahal yung mga masks.. 2k plus yung price.

  3. Full packed, mula umaga hanggang gabi!
    Ngayon ko lng nlaman may levels pala ang jipny rides. Pati pinagkakaperahan pla ang morionses costime.


  4. hihi.. gawa gawa ko lang yung levels haha..

  5. haha natawa ako sa levels. hihi pero mas natawa ako dun sa walng nagkasya na shirt sayo for adults at sa mga kid shirts ka napadpad. haha

    love this Ivan. kakatuwa yung adventure mu. yung sea cucumber magkano benta nila nyan? ang hirap kaya kunin nyan. nag field kase kame date and I spoke w/ the compressor divers, sila yung mga naglalaot para makahuli lng nyan, they spend weeks sa laot for that and they sell it ngmurang mura, now the middleman sells it naman sa mga japanese resto for as much as 3k each daw, pero that ws back in 2000 so I cnt imagine how much na xa ngaun.

    it's nice meeting you kid. super tahimik ka pala. hehe

  6. haha, no sweat ang pagkuha ng sea cucumber sa poctoy.. kpag low tide, andami nila sa mga forest of sea grass kasama ng mga sea urchin at starfish..

    nice meetingyou too ms gael :)



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