Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Simple White Tombs in Manila Memorial Park Cemetery

This afternoon, I was at Manila Memorial Park in ParaƱaque, the last cemetery I visited in Metro Manila where a Philippine President rest in peace. Yep, our beloved President Cory was laid here beside her husband (my idol) Sen. Ninoy Aquino.

The last time I cried, up to now, was during Tita Cory's wake. I was really moved by Kris' words, talagang hindi ko napigilan ang umiyak noong time na yun. I wanted to join sana Tita Cory's funeral march, but I was only 17 at that time (hindi pa ako masyadong lakwatsero, slight pa lang).

So now, I finally paid my final respects to these humble great beings.

By 1:20 PM, I again traveled by train (Sta.Mesa-Sucat Station - P15). You'll know you're on the right place if you see the two tall red-striped chimney (Sucat Power Plant). From the train station, I rode a jeep bound to Baclaran (P8), it will pass by the front of Manila Memorial Park. (landmark - Elorde Sports Complex).

gate to the cemetery

Upon reaching the cemetery's gates, I saw right away the for-rich-only mausoleums, on my right is the La Funeraria Paz. I even saw a structure similar to the Old Legislative House (now National Museum) in P. Burgos Ave.
so fab na libingan
I walked straight along the Sampaguita avenue then to Bougainvilla avenue, started my hunt for President Cory's tomb.  From 3:25 until 4:00 PM, I was doing the search, even asked 5 friendly caretakers. I crossed two bridges, passed by the large Chinese mausoleums. The cemetery is so large, and really nakakaligaw.

a Chinese tomb
just saw this on my way

The beloved couple's tomb is located at the back of small, blue-gray mausoleum, along Bougainvilla avenue.

You will not think that a former Philippine president is actually laid there. That is a very humble tomb to compare it with other president's tomb I have visited. While taking photos of the tomb, a family also arrived to see the late president's tomb. I was kinda na-touch by that, then I told to my self, "sana sa paglipas ng generation namin, may mga tao pa rin na hindi makakalimot sa demokrasyang pinaglaban ng dalawang nakahimlay dito."

the Aquino tomb
President Corazon Aquino, 1st woman President and the first president of the Fifth Republic. Her husband Ninoy Aquino, according to sen. Salonga, he's the greatest president we never had.
sinu yan?
Yellow ribbon, symbol of the Philippine Democracy
I've heard that there are other VIP's buried at this cemetery. But my time there is limited, I must rush back to PNR Sucat station to try again that PNR Rush Hour.

on my way back, I saw this open grave... just take a look.



  1. nice! kelan punta mo ng Aguinaldo Shrine? Malapit lang ako dun... =D

  2. ughh.. baka sa independence day na po.. hehe.. para special..

  3. Haha. Nice sa sked ah. Natutuwa ako sa posts mo. Keep em coming!

  4. Ivan. Nice place to visit some day. Historical Site.Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for the PTB Links, that was awesome and nice too.:-).

  5. @sir cedric, hehe.. magandang nakaplano ng maige ang mga lakad.. :)

    @sir Bon, yup.. masaya po tlga.. next ko pong pupuntahan ay yung Tanauan City batangas.. historic trip sa libingan ni pres. Laurel.. still not sure when though..

  6. i've been to manila memorial last week and i saw that big you have any idea of the owner of the "parthenon" like mausoleum? thanks.

  7. hi. I've been to manila memorial last week and I noticed that big "Parthenon" like mausoleum. I'm just curious about it. Do you have any idea about its owners? Thanks.

  8. hi, i went there last night, i also saw the Parthenon-ish Mausoleum at the entrance of the Memorial Park. it was not my first time though, but last night, my brother and i walked beside it. i could not help admire its beauty, elegance and extravagance (familiar huh!). i then saw a guard sitting on his motorbike near the structure, i went to him and asked about the owner or who is in it. After some paligoy-ligoy, he then said that a former attorney of the Marcoses was in there. And that, rarely it is opened (even during Undas). he said, usually the doors would be opened when guess who, yep!, Imelda Marcos would drop a visit and of course, when the caretakers are cleaning it. He added that it is three levels down with an escalator. the floor was made of granite. i then joked him that maybe the real body of Ferdinand Marcos is there, or that it is actually Imelda's. He buckled and said "that could not be", then he stopped talking to us.

    im pretty sure there is a good story behind that structure. please let me know if you learned something about it. im not sure if kuya guard is making a kwentong Barbero. but his gestures tells me he's not:)




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