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Viaje Marinduque | Maundy Thursday Madness

It actually all began at the night of 20th of April 2011 (Holy Wednesday) when I headed to JAC Liner's Buendia Terminal. The people were pouring, zigzagging line of passengers covered most of the terminal. I was there at 7:00 PM, and boarded the bus at 8:10 PM. Finally, the bus left for Lucena immediately after 5 minutes. From Buendia to Dalahican, the ticket costs P219.50. I texted my friend on Marinduque that I'm on my way to their house.

at JAC Liner terminal at Buendia
Full of hesitation while on the road, I was still thinking whether to still pursue this trip. Baka pwede pa magback-out habang hindi pa nakakaalis ng isla ng Luzon. But nope, my great nervousness was overpowered by my greater excitement. For the next 4 hours, I fell into a slumber.

Only a few passengers remained when we reached Lucena. I asked my seatmate, "malayo pa po ba yung Dalahican Port?"

She said that it might still take 20 more minutes before we reach Dalahican Port. Ok, 20 more minutes of fast heart beats.

April 21, 2011 - Maundy Thurday

The Great Madness

By 12 midnight I reached the Port of Dalahican in Lucena (the start of the Maundy Thursday Madness), and to my surprise, the people were so madami, long tangled lines for the ferry ticket. Finding the end of the line pa lang took me 20 minutes already.

situation critical
When I fixed my self on the line, I started to ask the people near me if they're going to Sta. Cruz, Marinduque (naghahanap na ako ng pwede makasabay). Luckily, the lady in red with a pink bandana on the head in front of me was heading to Torrijos and she'll be taking a ship going to Sta. Cruz (medyo nakahinga ako ng maluwag). She told me that I must pay first the terminal fee (I really don't know what was that for, pero sige bumili na lang ako). I asked her to save my place on the tangled line to buy the terminal ticket first.  I availed the student discount so the terminal fee snatched only P24 from my money (regular price at P30).

Back in the line to ferry tickets, it moved probably a meter only from where I left the lady in red. It was a very uncomfortable situation. Many were sleeping around, I can't sleep.

Fast Forward>>> After 2 hours (2:00 AM), we moved several meters only.

Fast Forward>>> After 1 hour (3:00 AM), I lost ms. lady in red, now I'm on my own na lang.

Fast Forward>>> 2 hours and 50 minutes (5:50 AM), konting tiis na lang, abot kamay ko na ang ticket booth, the lines of Balanacan Port on my right and the Cawit Port on my left were even worse. Trending ang singitan sa lahat ng dako. I paid for the airconditioned ticket (P267) so I could sleep during the trip.

Finally at 6:00 AM, after 6 long hours of hardship, no sleep, stressful line. I have my ticket with me, MV Vanessa heading to Buyabod Port of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque. Scheduled trip at 12 nn. What?! yup still at 12 nn.

success after 6 hours

The Long Lazy Wait

I entered the terminal, showed my terminal ticket (para doon pala yun) and bought a drink. Hay, sa wakas nakapasok na din ako, all I have to do is wait for 6 more hours.

I walked towards the docking area, sat at one side and had my breakfast.

finally, I made it inside the terminal
my healthy breakfast plus SkyFlakes crackers.

By the waters, a group of old folks and some children on boat were begging for money. They would ask people to throw the coins at the water and they will dive for it, indeed they were able to procure the coin from the deep sea. Grabe sila, buwis buhay para lang sa barya.

I entered again the terminal, found a seat there, as if it was calling me, "you there, come, have a seat, go to sleep." so I slept.

Triple Fast Forward>>> (11:30 AM) 5 hours of putol-putol na sleep sa upuan, nagising na ako. Medyo nagutom ako so I bought a burger, ate it fast and slept again.

The Voyage

After a few minutes, MV Vanessa arrived. Whoa! everyone rushed in. Nadala na lang ako sa agos ng tao. The feeling was different when I got inside the ferry. I really can't believe what I just did, achievement for me. I went to the upper deck, looked for my seat at the airconed room, but I found out that room was full already, my bad. So I went out, found a place at one side and there I sat on the floor. By 12:24 PM, the ferry left for Buyabod Port.

ayan na, konting tiis na lang
whooo... yes!
It was a very long trip, what I did there was nothing but sleep and shoot and sleep and shoot again. I saw also flying fishes by the sea.

see you again Lucena

My first sightings of the island took place after 4 hours. I was very excited that I was shooting every 5 minutes ata. Hanggang sa hindi ako nakatiis, I asked someone to take my picture with Marinduque at my background.

hello Marinduque
fresh bilasa from Manila

fish nets?
By 4:25 PM, I reached the Port of Buyabod.

the port of Buyabod
welcome to Marinduque
Buyabod port
I again texted my friend that I just arrived at Marinduque, she replied that I must take a trike to Sta. Cruz Bayan, then ride again another trike going to Barangay Landy. So I followed her instruction, I rode a trike to Sta. Cruz Bayan, but instead of riding another tricycle I asked the driver to just drop to Brgy. Landy directly. He agreed for P100.

At 5:20 PM, I finally reached my home for the next 3 days.

My Arrival

The Teodoro family was already expecting my arrival. They welcomed me warmly, gave me some snacks and took my things. I was kinda worrying if I could still catch the morions, then they told me that a senaculo (reenactment of Jesus' life) will be held at the plaza of the bayan of Sta Cruz.

I grew tired from my long voyage to Marinduque so I decided to sleep as early as possible. But before I slept at their sofa, we had dinner first. Fried galunggong and paho. No meat on holy week.

this is paho, similar to ensaladang manggang hilaw but of weirder taste. 

End of Day 1


Summary of expenses:

Bus my home to Buendia - P22
Bus Buendia to Dalahican Port - P219.50
Ferry Dalahaican Port to Buyabod Port - P267
Tricycle Buyabod Port to Brgy. Landy - P100

Other expenses:
Terminal Fee - P24
Bottled Water - P20
Jollibee Burger - P28                                      

Total Expense for Day 1 = P680.50

Some pieces of advice:
  • If you plan to go to Marinduque during a Holy Week, you must arrive at Dalahican Port as early as morning of Holy Wednesday (if you can't, your schedule will surely be ruined). According to people I met at the port, the people started to flock at 2:00 PM of Holy Wednesday.
  • You may also want to ride a direct to Marinduque Bus trip from Cubao, though you must book weeks prior to Holy Week.
  • Never buy any special ticket for a ferry ride during Holy Week, it's useless.
  • Don't hesitate to go to Marinduque, the trouble only happens during the peak season. Everything is fine during regular days.
  • For students, always bring your id, they do give student discounts. 

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  1. I miss riding the ferry :) This post makes me wanna go home to my province again, Romblon. Haist.

  2. tara.. haha.. punta tayo sa province nyo ms. nice :)

  3. halos magkita pala tayo sa port... hehehe!!!



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