Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Post | The Best of 2011

In just a matter of hours, our generation will have to say goodbye again to this outgoing year, a year that for me is full of unforgettable successes, mishaps and adventures. Actually, 2011 is my most traveled year as of now, it is also the year that Batang Lakwatsero have fully grown into a travel blog. In this post, I will summarize all my Firsts, Bests, Achievements and Travels of 2011. 

- My Firsts -

Out-of-Luzon-Island Destination - The first time I left the Island of Luzon was when I traveled to Corregidor Island.  

Lighthouse - Also in Corregidor, I glanced a lighthouse and climbed its top for the first time. 

Zipline Experience - I experienced my first zipline, a 200 meters in length, in Corregidor. 

Ferry Ride - I experienced a lot of firsts during my Corregidor trip, it was my first time to ride a ferry (1 hr ride).  

Solo Travel - Yes, at the age of 19, I successfully traveled solo. It is in the island province of Marinduque where this memorable solo travel happened.  

Top Load Ride - Certainly the best way to get a panoramic view of the road trip. This also happened in Marinduque.

Camping Experience - I enjoyed the first time I experienced camping at the Island of Cagbalete.

Snorkeling Experience - snorkeling is a fun activity, I enjoyed it a lot during my trip to Hundred Islands.

Online Earning - thanks to InsureandGo, I was able to do a 7-day backpacking trip to Sagada and Baguio.

Blog Recognition - I am still thankful that my blog, for the first time, was nominated to Philippine Blog Awards.

Flight Experience - the most wonderful first in 2011 was when I experienced flying from Manila to Cebu 
Visayan Destination - Cebu is the first Visayan destination I visited  

Mountain Climb - I was so fulfilled as I have conquered my first mountain, Mt. Daguldol. 

- My Best Encounters -

Jellyfish - I will never forget how the jellyfishes stung my thesis mates, the way they reacted, the pain that they felt was simply unforgettable.

Three Presidents in a Day - Ramos, Estrada and Aquino, two past presidents and our current seen in one day when I attended the 25th EDSA Revolution Anniversary Celebration at EDSA.

The Pinoy Travel Bloggers - the bestest travel loving people in the country. I'm so glad that I met this group of wonderful bloggers/travelers.

Ethnic Groups - Aetas of Subic and Igorots of Sagada, witnessing their unique culture, arts and tradition is simply amazing.

Tour Guides of Manila - I met both Ivan Man Dy and Carlos Celdran, the best tour guides of Manila, by accident.

- Achievements -   

Presidential Tomb Quest Completed - I am proud and happy that I successfully visited all the tombs of our late presidents.

Witnessed 7 Festivals, Rituals and Tradition - The grand procession during the Feast of the Black Nazarene, the morions of Morines Festival, the dances of Aliwan, the colorful houses of Pahiyas Festival, the couples dancing in Obando, the chants during the Begnas Ritual, and the fires of Panag-apoy, all are great experiences.

Happy First Anniversary - It's an achievement to have my travel blog running for more than a year now.

- Looking Forward -

• I want to visit at least 3 Visayan Destination and at least 1 destination in Mindanao by the year 2012

• I want a decent job after I graduated so I will have funds for more travels

• More travel gears and stuff

• A dslr or underwater camera

• Travel the islands of MIMAROPA

• Conquer at least 5 mountains

• Visit more Old Spanish Lighthouse

• More travels with Bagets, college friends, and HS barkada

• At least one solo backpacking trip

 - Special Thanks -

Ed of Soloflighted - for sponsoring my new domain.

Chyng of No Spam No Virus No Kiddin - for a wonderful, unforgettable treat.

Doi of The Travelling Feet - for sponsoring the check-in baggage of my first flight

Brenna of The Philippine Travelogue - for mentoring my first flight

Bagets - for giving me the best, awesome trips

Jonas, Vincent and Casi - for mentoring my first camping and climbing

Mom and Dad - for funding my trips


  1. Napaka-memorable pala sayo ng Corregidor Trip! :D Memorable din yung trip na yun for me :) Sana dumami pa ang trips mo :D

  2. It's been a fruitful year for you Ivan. :) Wishing you more travels and adventures this coming new year.. :) Cheers!

  3. congratulations ivan. daming first and achievement an an early age. remains a fan of your detailed posts.

    cheers to more years in travel.

  4. good job, ivan! Cheers to 2012 for more trips, and exciting adventures!

  5. bat ka po nag solo travel? tas ilang days po yun?

  6. @june, e kasi naman walang gustong sumama sa aking noon. kaya ayun nag-solo ako sa Marinduque ng 4days.



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