Friday, December 30, 2011

Trips of 2011

Batang Lakwatsero had 22 successful trips
around Luzon and Visayas on the Year 2011. 

The trip that gave me goosebumps.
The trip that made me love the music.
The trip where I did not spend a single centavo
My first solo trip
A pilgrimage rather than a trip
Elbi tour with James Betia, Trip with P500 budget only
The trip where I acquired my beloved wide-brimmed straw hat.
The trip that made me dance and sweat.
The trip where I first experienced camping
The memorable trip with my bestest friends
The trip where I was introduced to snorkeling
The trip where I experienced riding the LRT for free.
The trip where I tasted the weirdest food ever.
The trip where I had a bad encounter with the jellyfish
The trip where I completed my quest
The trip where I experienced the ultimate adventure
The trip where I got the chance to relax
The trip where I had a close encounter with the tigers
My first Visayan trip and the first time experienced riding a plane.
The trip where I met the best beach yet.
The trip where I learned more about the heritage of Cebu
The trip where I conquered my first mountain

I counted all my travel expenses this year and it showed that approximately P28,350.00 were spent for travel throughout the year 2011.

Certainly, 2011 is my most traveled year as of yet. But if both time and money worked harmoniously with me, I might double the number of my trips by the end of 2012 (#adiklangmaglakwatsa).



  1. i so lavet!!!! dami ko pa backlogs hahaha... happy newyear

  2. O sige. Ikaw na.

    And take note, you're only 19 and a graduating student at that!

    Keep it up!

  3. dapat magpa-interview ka na kay ed ha! you already! LOL

  4. it was indeed a very travel-filled year! congrats! cheers for more travels and blessings next year! happy new year Ivan! :)

  5. isang tanong... nag-aaral ka pa ba? haha joke lang! ikaw na batang lakwatsero!

  6. Ayos idol..daming pera ni parents. Hihi. Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan. Pangarap ko din 'to. Someday masusundan ko rin mga footprints mo. :) Kudos!!



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