Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Viaje Pagbilao | Puting Buhangin and Kuwebang Lampas

Our boat dropped us in a privately owned beach known as the Marquez Beach. Located somewhere in the coast of Isla Grande, this white sand beach is just a few meters from our sampling site, the Pagbilao Fish Sanctuary.

Puting Buhangin, or if translated into English, White Sand, stretches on the length of Isla Grande's southeast coast. A series of huge rock formations act as dividers, dividing the length of Puting Buhangin into several shorter beaches. However, it did not fail to amaze me, both the huge rock formations and the Puting Buhangin beaches are surreal. The sand is so white and fine and the rocks are somewhat similar to those of Palawan. I can say that Puting Buhangin is one of the best beaches I've been to (I've never been to Boracay though).

first shot upon landing at the beach
our boat
sariling sikap # 1. fail shot, natusok kasi ako ng something
While waiting for others to arrive, I made my self busy capturing the beauty of the place. I even saw a huge number of stinging jellyfishes on one part of the beach. I was shocked that upon seeing these jellyfishes, 2 of my classmates shouted in pain, they were stung by this jellies. I'll be making another post about it. Shells also abound the shore, as well as corals and tiny crabs.  

sea shells by the seashore
sariling sikap # 2. Batang Lakwatsero at the batuhan
woot, happy feet in Pagbilao
sariling sikap # 3.
I wanted to have a photo of me on the rockies, so I climbed the rough rocks barefooted. 

the rocks I want to climb
so I climbed barefooted
vwalla, sariling sikap # 4. umapak sa matatalim na bato makapag-pose lang
After some time, around 9am, the finer white sand beach revealed itself as the tide draws back. Wow, uber white, uber fine sand.

sariling sikap # 5.  Batang Lakwatsero pose during lowtide
the tides backing out
revealing the fine white sand
made the kids want to play. where did they come from?
Then our thesis adviser and his friend from DENR gave us some GPS 101, and transect-quadrat plotting lessons. Woohoo, I can see my future in them.

GPS tutorial and transect plotting
sir Rej of DENR
When everyone was done assessing the feasibility of each one's topic, we headed next to Kuwebang Lampas and we met more rock formations along the way to Kuwebang Lampas.

Kuya Benj, our boatman
Kuwebang Lampas, located on another part of the Isla Grande's coast, is one of the most blogged part of Pagbilao Beach. Since I was already in Pagbilao, I don't want to miss this one. 

the Kuwebang Lampas
lovely beach sighted
Kuwebang Lampas, a closer look
sariling sikap # 6
It is tunnel like cave, both ends open on a rocky sea, reminds me so much of Virgin Cave in Hundred Islands. Indeed, the white beach in Kuwebang Lampas looks great, but for me, I find the Marquez beach greater.

It's just too sad that this cave was not spared from vandalism. 

the Kuwebang Lampas must-pose picture
my thesis team
We spent less than an hour in Kuwebang Lampas, a boat full of vacationists arrived just before we left the place.

more visitors coming
their boat
By 1pm, we left Puting Buhangin, sailed again across the mangrove forest and we're back to civilization.

see you again on October
Sand of the Beach
woot, ready to go.
How we got there

From Manila, we took a bus bound to Lucena Grand Central Terminal. There are buses in Buendia and Cubao.

We then hired a jeep to Brgy Ibabang Pulo, Isla Grande, Pagbilao. But there are also public van going to Pagbilao Market and from there you can take a tricycle direct to Brgy Ibabang Pulo.

Start of long walk to boats in mangrove area, boats will bring you to Puting Buhangin.


Bus Manila to Lucena - P210.00
Jeep Lucena to Pagbilao - P800.00 divided into 11 pax ~ P73.00
Marquez Beach - P50.00
Kuwebang Lampas - P50.00 but we haggled it down to P20.00 per pax
Service Boat - P770.00 divided into 11 pax ~ P70.00
Jeep Brgy Ibabang Pulo to Crossing - P25.00
Bus Crossing to Lucena - P35.00
Bus Lucena to Buendia - P160.00
other expense (food, drinks, misc.) - P200.00

total cost of whole day Pagbilao trip - P843.00


Pagbilao Series

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  1. waah, nakakamiss ang Kwebang Lampas, (in fairness ang mura ng trip nyo, tipid talaga kapag madami)

  2. wow, tipid na tipid. dapat sasama talaga ako sa mga bagets para ang presyo, estudyante!! hehehe.

    love the sand. :D

  3. Ganda ng place! Sobrang linis.

    BTW, I miss transect quadrat-plotting! :))

  4. ganda nun shot "lovely beach sighted". - sir larry

  5. hi i would like to ask if you have a contact number of the boatman? thanks in advance

  6. Hi, about marquez beach? from bgy polo, anu po yun pinaka landmark dun sa sakayan papunta marquez beach? thanks

  7. That's Marquez property you were on and it is not open to the public.

    Jaime Marquez Tayag



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