Sunday, July 17, 2011

My 7 Links | Blogposts Reloaded

My 7 Links craze now came knocking at my door, Renevic of Mandaragat-Mamumundok-Lagalag nominated me to do this 7 links of my bests, mosts and favorite blogposts. My 7 Links Project is an awesome project created by Tripbase, with a goal of uniting the bloggers from all sectors in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

As I browsed my 8 months old blog archive of mostly travel posts, I found the following links of my not-so-old posts that fit well the given 7 categories. It's now my turn to reload My 7 Links:

My Most Beautiful Post

Viaje Mauban | Cagbalete Island Camping

"Just like what we suspected, no more slippers on shore, just my sandals, too bad for them, woohoo for me"

Read my very first camping experience in Cagbalete Island and discover how the tides stole our slippers. I don't know why but I really feel that it's my most beautiful post. I love the place, I love the experience, I love the photos, I love my company.

My Most Popular Post
A Walk Tour in Manila | Beyond the Church

"I was a few steps to the exit when Carlos, on his top hat, shouted, 'every body walk this way', so I joined the group of tourists"

Tweeted by none other than Carlos Celdran himself, I consider this my most popular post. Read this to discover how I made my great escape and how I caught Celdran's attention. Don't forget to check its comments section, see how I got my free Imelda Tour from the great Carlos Cedran. 

My Most Controversial Post

Lakbay Jose Rizal @ 150 | The Dark Side of the Project

"As of now, I had my passport stamped with 12 sites already (but BULLSH*T, it should've been 14 already)"

I never intended to post this one but some blogger friends want me to. I shouted in my blog the bad experience I had while doing the Lakbay Rizal@150 at Malolos, San Fernando and Intramuros. To my surprise, my tiny voice was heard by the group who organized the project.

My Most Helpful Post

Viaje Western Pangasinan | Whole Day in Bolinao

"Binungey is a sweet sticky rice placed in a bamboo, found only in Bolinao."

I received a lot of emails asking me about this Whole Day Bolinao experience, most of them find this post really helpful and they're asking me to help them in their itinerary.  I'm so glad that I helped them that way.

The Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Manila My Home

"...there's really no other place like Manila, my home."

As an entry to PTB Blog Carnival with the theme, "hometown", I did not expect to get so many positive feedback. It's a photo post of my hometown Manila.

The Post that Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

Nuestro Padre Hesus Nazareno 2011

"and they waved their white towels while shouting "Viva, Viva!" I got goosebumps when the bare footed rope-pulling devotees came to my sight"

I simply love this post. It's my first time to witness this major event up close, and it's my first time to interact with other people with the same passion in photography. My blog was only 2 months old back then so guess it did not get the attention it deserved.

The Post that I am Most Proud Of

Viaje Marinduque | The Heart of the Philippines

"I spent my holy week vacation on this island, my very first solo travel, and for four days I called it my home"

Why would not I be proud of this post, it's my first ever solo travel. Inspired by fellow travel bloggers, I managed to conquer the land of the morions.  

I'm nominating the following blogs to do the 7 Links Project.

ChinChan of Juanderful Pinoy
Darwin of Tracking Treasure
Mica of Senyorita
James of Journeying James
Josiah of Lakas Ng Trip



  1. good job, something happened out of this Rizal@150 entry. =)

  2. +1 to your "Manila My Home"! Indeed, a success :)

  3. Aw, I felt bad dun sa mga nanggaling pa sa malalayo para sa Lakbay Rizal.

    Go! Go! Go, Iban! - wih

  4. @ms chyng, yeah.. natuwa ako dun sobra..
    @Renevic, salamat :)
    @Mica, go na gawa ka na ng iyo..
    @wih, yuh, I felt bad too.

  5. Manila my home will always be my favorite.

  6. At least you now have an entry to this month's blog carnival haha

  7. that carlos celdran post will forever be a classic!

    and mabuti naman at may nangyari sa Rizal post mo! :D



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